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Google Nexus 6 Leaks As 3D Print, Plus Specs Surprise

Discussion in 'Google - What's New?' started by Root, Aug 26, 2015.

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    iPhone 6

    Some time ago OnLeaks, the Twitter phone leaker, managed to get some schematics for the new Nexus devices. The Nexus 6, built by Huawei, was revealed to have a large raised area on the back which housed the camera. Yesterday I reported that OnLeaks had also shown off a real image of the Nexus 6 (above) that shows the camera area is finished in black plastic, giving it an odd look. In the renders, it was shown as white, which looked a lot better.

    Today OnLeaks has tweeted a video by YouTube user Jermaine Smit which shows a 3D print of the phone. Smit has taken the specs and turned them into a 3D print, which he then demonstrates in the video below.

    This gives some valuable insight into how the phone will look when it launches. The size, interestingly, is one of the better things about this design. It looks less chunky and hard to manage that the Motorola Nexus 6. Of course the person holding this model may just have large hands. Interestingly the fingerprint scanner on the back looks a little bit smaller than I expected, so it will be interesting to see how that ends up working – assuming that it is a scanner, and not some sort of decorative affectation.

    The bulge for the camera module doesn’t look too big either, although I maintain that this is still a very ugly design for this part of an otherwise stylish phone. We’ll have to wait and see the final samples to make a judgement on how it actually looks in practice though.

    A now deleted tweet from OnLeaks also gave out a shot of the handset in a diagnostic mode which showed that it will run a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, along with 3GB of RAM and an internal storage capacity of 64GB, although it’s quite possible a 32GB version will be launched as well. Hopefully Google will want to avoid a 16GB model, as that’s just too cramped these days.

    The specs surprise here is really that Huawei has opted for the Snapdragon 810. Some might have assumed a Snapdragon 808 would be used, and others had suggested the phone would get the 820 instead. The 810 has had a lot of negative publicity over the year, but Qualcomm maintains that it has no thermal problems.

    The Huawei Nexus 6 will, of course, come with Android 6.0 or Android M which has been codenamed Marshmallow. There are some interesting tweaks to Android in this version, but it’s not a dramatic overhaul. The most significant is the new permissions, which massively simplify the system through which an app is able to gain access to your phone. You’ll be able to switch off individual permissions for apps designed to support this system, which will please security fanatics.
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