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GT-i9500 MT6572 Rooted – No Chinese stuff

Discussion in 'Chinese Models - Cloned Phones' started by JAFRI, Feb 14, 2015.

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    Feb 13, 2012
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    iPhone 6 Plus
    This rom is for GT-i9500 device with MTK 6572 cpu and 1-otm8012a_fwvga LCD IC device. Cleaned from chinese stuff and rooted. Does not contain an IMEI so you have to use MTK Droid Tools 2.4.5 to write your own IMEI

    Approved to be working with SP Flash Tool v3.13228.0.183


    1- Connect phone and install MTK USB Drivers (Link)

    2- Open SP Flash tool and choose scatter file from rom folder

    3- Format device using Memory Test NAND Flash Test (inorder Flash_tool to see your phone you should take out battery and re-insert to continue, for the first time windows may stall you because of the MT65xx preloader driver installation) when you see green circle it means you can continue to step 4

    4- Click Download (again take out your phone battery and re-insert it) at green circle you're finished installing rom

    5- unplug usb and take out battery, re-insert it and turn on the phone

    6- open MTK Droid Tool 2.4.5 and plug usb, when MTK Droid Tool 2.4.5 identifies your phone you may now continue to write your IMEI using Replace IMEI button

    7- dial #*#94#*# inorder to set GT-i9500 boot and shutdown animations

    Thank you for your time and donations will be appriciated

    ROM Version: 4.2.2
    Links: MTK Droid Tool 2.4.5
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