[GUIDE] Root Samsung Galaxy J1 Verizon SM-J100VPP

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Jan 11, 2015
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I got this device used and it had been updated to the newest firmware. It would not work with Kingroot, Framaroot, SRS, or Kingo. The only option was to attempt to downgrade to an older firmware with unpatched exploits. The Verizon J1 has a locked bootloader so it cannot flash full firmware packages with older bootloaders. Luckily it can be downgraded to older firmware of the same android version with older kernel. I just had to unpack the firmware and remove the bootloader and repack. I tried to make a rooted stock firmware but can't seem to repack the system.img.ext4 properly after mounting it.

Now let's get down to business

1. Download Odin 3.09

2. Download modified (by me) rootable firmware. Do not rename file it might mess up md5sum.

3. Boot phone to download mode. Hold power+vol down+ home.

4. Start Odin and connect phone with original factory sync cable.

5. Click on the AP button and select the firmware downloaded above. It will check the md5sum automatically when it finishes and passes then press the start button. Once the flash finishes it will reboot.

6. Enable usb debugging.

7. Download Kingoroot for PC (google) and let it run. The apk will not work to root. It should install drivers automatically.

8. Profit!!

I'm testing a method to reliably switch to Supersu but having trouble updating binary 100% of the time. I've tried to flash exposed but Flashfire doesn't seem to work properly with this device. If anyone can suggest a workaround please share.
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