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Guide: Zenfone2, Stuck in Logo, How Put in Recovery

Discussion in 'Asus - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Alexey Trushkov, Jan 12, 2016.

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    This Procedure is Only for ZeFone2, (ZE500CL, ML, Itc.. ), Tested by me on more phone, you must need of read Carefully All steps belowe and Repeat if wrong:

    1) Enteryng in Recovery Mode:

    1. Turn off you Zenfone 2
    2. Hold Power button + Volume up
    3. When the phone is vibrating release power button
    4. You can select Normal boot or Recovery boot by pressing Volume up/down button.. To enter Recovery mode choose recovery boot.
    5. Then you will see sleeping android robot. Press power button + Volume up and release the buttons.
    6. You are now in Recovery mode

    NOTE: After rooting many users are not able to enter recovery..The dead android bot with error appears...To enter recovery follow these steps:

    a) Enter recovery as you normally do

    b) When you see a dead android bot with an error press and hold power button, then (while holding power button) quickly press Vol up and release and then release power button..

    NOTE: if always this above steps A and B fail, try in this mode and will work for sure, 100% tested!!!

    - Connect your device and open you adb foder
    - In adb send this command:

    fastboot erase cache
    Repeat first procedure!!!

    IMPORTANT: Of course you know that must need of to have all Drivers Installed before of connect Asus phone to pc, is the very first things you must need, can read and install these Drivers:

    A) Driver Asus Usb

    B) Driver ADB

    After are in Recovery Mode you can Update in various mode, for me the Must easy is in ADB Sideload, done very many times and always with Success 100%
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