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Haier W910 – ROM Android 4.0.4

Discussion in 'Haier Mobiles - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Asghar Javed, Aug 5, 2013.

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    ROM Haier W910 – ROM Android 4.0.4

    Features ROM:

    1 transplant Samsung Touchwiz framework and fix the problem the previous version wallpaper FC.
    2.Add Beats audio sound effects, and a notification bar displays Beats audio icon;
    3 Advanced Power Menu; (taken from the old fish 7yu, Jiehuaxianbi)
    4 completely kill 360 in addition to outside contacts software; remove the native input method, add IFLYTEK input method;
    5 ROOT handling system completely and adopt a new SuperSU-0.96 (Super License Manager Professional Edition), and update to the latest su binary file;
    6 percentage battery indicator, dynamic charging effect;
    7 global Sony Bravia Engine imaging engine, and add Xloud sound amplification patch;
    8. V6 script optimization;
    9 For all procedures Deodex APK merge and make Zipalign optimization;
    10 Integrated MIUI and HTC ONE X ringtone offer;
    11 Replace recovery is Cofface crafted Chinese recovery;
    12 Join fly transitions.
    13 Other modifications forget ……

    Gapps include – Rooted

    Language support: EN/CN

    Authors: Thirty-three main hospital

    Download: Haier W910

    Install ROM:

    1.Download ROM
    2.Unzip the contents of the archive into a folder
    3.install drivers of W910
    4.Turn off the phone
    5.Connect USB phone by pressing Vol – (LED blue)
    6.On the phone screen, notification requesting to enter fastboot mode (the PC should recognize the phone and offer to install the drivers ADB)
    7.Launch \ fastboot_Only_For_Recovery.bat from the PC and wait for the update System Update
    8.The phone will restart automatically after the update.
    9. For greater stability, perform a second manual reboot