Haier w910 Android 4.1.2 ROM


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Jan 19, 2015
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Good new guys,i found on some forums that there is a JB version for our phone.


1.Format your memory card
2.Copy update.zip on your memory card
3.Is recommended to make a full backup(with titanium backup)
4.Turn off the phone
5.Press VOl- and Power on the time(for about 5 sec)
6.The menu is in chinese so choose the second option where it says update.zip
7.Let the phone doing what it needs to do
8.After the update(on the lower part of the screen it will says something about all done)
9.Reboot the phone(Press Vol+ and Power on the same time,or choose the first option above the update.zip)

10.Unfortunately this version of Android comes only with English,Chinese,Spanish and Deutsch languages and the preinstalled launcher is Apex which for some reasons when the system language is English it shows half of it in English and the other half in Chinese.I recommend that you download from the market the stock JB launcher and delete the Apex one(watch out not to delete Apex launcher before installing another launcher).Also it comes with the keyboard from Baidu which is a bit strange for the non-chinese speaker, that's why you should download another keyboard from the market.

Download links:

1.This is the actual update.zip you need to download. 4shared - free file sharing and storage
2.Drivers for Haier W910(you don't really need them for updating to 4.1.2,but you can never know)https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7ZG...pnYUlSRm8/edit
3.CWM Recovery and Flashboot http://www.4shared.com/rar/HphCri0l/...Recovery.html?
1.You need to have usb debugging mode active and also Unkown sources.
2.Install the drivers.
3.Download the files for the recovery.
4.With the phone connected to the PC through the usb press VOL-and Power on the same time.
5.Some tiny letters should appear on the top left corner saying something about FASTBOOT.
6.The computer should recognized the phone and it should install the ADB drivers.
7.Unzip the archive downloaded and double click fastboot_Only_For_Recovery.bat.
8.The phone should restart by its own.

P.S. I personally don't recommand this feature because you cand brick your phone,just go with te update.zip version because it is very easy to install and you cannot fail.
Some of the new features of this Rom:

1.Obviously all the JB features
2.The available memory Ram now it is increased from 671mb to 782mb
3.The Google search unlock feature.
4.I think the battery is draining a bit faster(I just installed it so i did not had time to really observe the draining,maybe it is just because i needed to install all the apps again and i used it quite a bit.Also i think it's heating a bit faster than before)
5.The Antutu benchmark result is now to about 10700-10800
6.A better web navigation(before it had some problems scrolling heavy loaded pages,now it's scrolling is a bit smoother)
7.The stock camera app is different(i prefer the ICS one because it had alot more features)
8.Now you can resize the widgets.
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