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Haier W910 Chunky Rom

Discussion in 'Haier Mobiles - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Asghar Javed, Jul 6, 2013.

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    Hi , everyone


    Update 1.1.6 – Fix bug – Photo Editor in Gallery (Crash App)


    MD5 : eb391daa556c278d64e53d05c66e0aba

    SHA1: 94d2af647a74e28eee089c5083e2a75d199ace14

    CRC32 : c480e2d1

    What new? :

    - Fix Camera Crash

    - Fix Chrome Crash

    - Update Launcher v.2.7 to v.2.8 (more options, faster and smooth)

    - Full DEODEX

    - Update Super User

    - Minor fixes in build.prop (GSM range, WIFI range, GPU tweaks)

    - Default browser : Chrome (newest)

    - Xposed framewrok

    - MinMinGuard (Xposed Mod : block commercial better than AdAware ) > LOOK

    - Gravity Box 2.9.1 (Xposed Mod)

    - Stock Camera 4.3 with Gallery

    - Init.d support

    - Honami Xperia Z Keyboard : Multilanguage (Default Keyboard)

    PS. after flash you must turn ON Xposed Framework and choose mods in Xposed App. After that make reboot ;D


    For all Haier W910 Users

    My and Elbuit roms is tested by me, all roms work on my phone about few days or week. If you have problem with flash roms or have some errors after flash it's probably have problem with your phone. Not happening always but never know.

    Ok but if you have problem after flash or you cant flash new rom :

    - change microSD Card : Haier have problem with some card specially Class 10, some card from Kingston or GoodRam dont work or have weird errors when you flash new rom.

    - dont use 32Gb card to flash

    - 16Gb Class 4 card always work (i have 16Gb Class 4 GoodRam and works perfectly)

    - make Wipe Cache and Wipe Data/Factory Reset before flash new rom

    - dont Unzip an Zip again rom before flash (All my roms are SIGNED and when you make this you loose SIGNED)

    - dont add Apps to rom using Zip/Rar/7zip/FreeArc etc. if you want to modded look how to mod on XDA-Developers forum.

    - when you start to flash new rom check battery (70% minimum is recomended)

    - after flash wait 1min to system install all apps in backround

    - make BACKUP rom before Flash using ClockworkMod Recovey

    But if you still have errors write it in comment i always Help.

    See you soon guys & girls

    Installation :

    1. Put file into SdCard

    2. Run Recovery (Custom not orginal or chinese, only ClockworkMod)

    3. Make a Wipe Data/Factory Reset

    3. Make Wipe Cache

    4. Install Zip from SdCard

    5. Choose Zip

    6. Install

    7. Reboot

    8. First Boot make a little longer than normal boot.

    9. Enjoy