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Haier W910 XperiaMod

Discussion in 'Haier Mobiles - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Asghar Javed, Jul 6, 2013.

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    Feb 1, 2016
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    Hi again ;D

    Today i have something diffrent.

    My new CFW : XperiaMod for Haier W910


    Update 2.0 – More Xperia

    What Inside :

    - New UI (GSM Signal, Wifi, Softkeys, etc…)

    - New Googple Play Store v 4.6.16

    - KitKat Camera and Gallery

    - New Chrome

    - Xperia Clock Widget

    - System Clock from JB 4.2.2

    - New ES File Manager

    - Equalizer Pro +

    - New Phone and Contacts App (test app tell me if have any problem)

    - Xperia Honami Keyboard Multilanguage

    - Emoticons Xperia Style in SMS from XperiaZ

    Deleted :

    - Chronus

    - Lucky Patcher

    - Notifyer Unread Count +

    - 360 Mobile Safe

    - Useless and not working properly tweaks

    PS. if you want Unread Notification for Xperia Launcher buy THIS in Google Play Store is not expensive but you supporting programmer.


    Update 1.0.3 – Fix bug – Photo Editor in Gallery (Crash App)


    What Inside :

    - Newest Xperia Launcher 2.0.6b (for 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, Launcher from Xperia Z is unfortunely only for 4.2.2)

    - Launcher allow updates

    - Chronus Widget

    - Chrome (default browser)

    - Camera and Gallery from JB 4.3

    - Lucky Patcher 3.9.5

    - Notifyer Unread Count

    - Xperia Album App

    - Xperia Walkman App

    - Xperia Walkman Widget

    - Xperia Top Contacts Widget

    - Xperia Z default wallpaper

    - Xperia Custom Bootanimation

    - Xperia Honami Keyboard

    - 360 Mobile Safe (Awsome app : antyvirus, system cleaner, anti theft, call and sms blocker etc.)

    - ES File Manager (Newest)

    - Super User (by Chainfire)

    - Viper4AndroidFX


    What else :

    Rom have some speed optimization, with Xperia launcher work faster than stock JB Launcher.

    I delete few tweaks to gave Camera and Gallery errors or crashes.

    What to do :

    - Fix google account synchronization

    All Roms is tested by Me and my friends before Upload. But if you find bug or not working app, write me PM.

    PS. if you want to make a screenshoot press : POWER and VOLUME- at this same time and hold 1sec, you will hear sound like camera take a photo. Screenshot save to sdcard (not you ext sdcard but into phone memory) "screenshot" folder.

    Best regards from Poland.