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HDC NOTE 3 FOR XOLO Q900 - ROM Android 4.2.1

Discussion in 'XOLO - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Silent Angel, Feb 28, 2015.

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    HDC NOTE 3for XOLO Q900

    ◾ Can be flashed on Xolo Q900.


    ◾Note 3 UI & features
    ◾4.2.1 rom (Please ignore 4.3 shown in about phone, its hardcoded and wrongly left over by mistake. will be removed later. sorry for that)
    ◾Invisible SUPERUSER (No prompt)◾Cameras 13MP Rare and 5MP front Camera (5mp Front Camera Results)
    ◾Face Detection perfect in both Cameras, even in Front Cam working fine
    ◾Dual Sim, Dual Standby
    ◾Swipe to Call and Swipe to Message
    ◾Fully Deodexed & Zipaligned
    ◾Init.d support
    ◾Heavy Games working perfect
    ◾No air gestures
    ◾No smart scroll
    ◾Added working Multi Window feature
    ◾Added Air Command feature
    ◾Clear photo and video capture
    ◾New lockscreen effect
    ◾New and clean quick setting buttons
    ◾Messaging counter notification
    ◾Added GREENIFY
    ◾and many more ROM Tools.


    ◾ I will not be responsible if you brick your device or any problems whatsoever….. Flash at your own risk.

    Instructions to flash via CWM/TWRP (FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK)

    Download Links -https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B2dTg...xport=download

    1. Download zip file and Put into external/internal sd card
    3. Open Recovery mode (TWRP/CWM)
    4. Format System Partition (cwm>mount storage>format system)
    5. Wipe with Data/factory Reset
    6. Wipe Cache Partition and Dalvik Cache.
    7. Flash the rom zip file


    I randomly get error message "SystemUI stopped working".

    (Solution 1) SystemUI FC Error comes due to Xposed. If you dotn install it, this error does not appear. This error happens due to conflict of home key in XposedFW +GravityBox. Thanks to a user adityagulavani, who hinted a quick-tip to solve this problem. Setup this option in GravityBox and error is gone. .

    GravityBox>>>Navigation_Keys-Actions >>> HomeKey+LongPressActions >>> Show_Recent_App.
    After this setup the error does not appear again.

    (Solution 2) Most probably this is due to Xposed Module. Remove modules one by one and reboot each time to check. There are hundreds o Xposed modules for same task, you can try another. Also Clear Dalvik Cache and Fix Permissions from recovery mode when you reboot..

    I dont have Xposed installed but still getting error message "SystemUI stopped working".

    (Solution) Clear Dalvik Cache from recovery mode. It will vanish. If possible try "Fix Permissions" in TWRP. This option works for most roms. If you are on CWM, better change to TWRP, the total perfect stable version.

    How to get rid of this Play app . It automatically installs uc broweser, candy games etc. There is no option in this app to stop automatic installation. I didnt disable this app because it may affect some other apps..so plz tell me what do.

    (Solution) You did great job by not installing PlayApp. We have installed it for SideBar to work. Do not uninstall PlayApp. There is one App called "Disable Service" specially given to disable PlayApp. Once disabled from this app, it will not bother again and rom features will keep functioning well. After disbling, you can uninstall UC Browser and Candi Bar game. And please, do not uninstall or disable Playapp from System Setting> app manager.

    Why PlayApp is included?

    (Solution) @REMZEJ said there is some association of this app with SideBar, hence it cannot be avoided. Just disable it with method mentioned above and forget it.

    Recent app bar it not working correctly. When i close a app it appears after 10 sec or later in recent app bar. Or i have to open some other app to clear it instantly. Hence last opened app doesnt appear in recent bar instantly after exit. (Solution) Recent app works perfectly. Just wipe dalvik cache from recovery

    Cant see SuperUser/SU? Should I install SuperSU? What do you mean by Hidden SuperSU?

    (Info) SuperSU is installed inside rom and is already enabled. You will not be prompted for SuperSU permission of any application while installing. Just leave it and do not try to install it to avoid conflicts
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