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How to Backup Your MTK Android ROM

Discussion in 'Android Development and Hacking' started by Silent Angel, Mar 30, 2015.

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    This tutorial will help you backup your MTK android rom,

    First you will need:

    -MTK android device

    -All drivers for your device, you can get them here

    -vRoot or iRoot program, so you can root your device, you can get it here and here

    -MTK droid tools for backing up and making new CWM, you can get it here

    -SP flash toool to restore your ROM, you can get it here

    First what you need is to install all drivers, if this ones dont work comment and let us know witch ones worked for you, ty.

    Than root your device with iRoot or vRoot is the same process.

    Connect your device, start vRoot/iRoot and wait till you get button ROOT, accept all on your mobile phone and wait root.

    When all is done you will get a button unROOT.


    After that you go to MTK droid tools, start the program and connect your phone.


    After program recognises your phone just click root and wait till its rooted.


    Than you can see all your phone information, click on root, backup, recovery.

    In there you just click backup and wait for process to finish. (it can take a while, just be patient)

    You can pack your backup its just to make zip file of your ROM.


    When finished click “To prepare blocks for Flash Tool”


    Find your .md5 file and click on it open.

    (You can click Recovery and boot if you want to have CWM installed.)

    Your rom is now ready to backup with SP flash tool.


    Open SP flash tool, go to scatter-loading, find your scatter file and click open.

    Click download to restore your recovery ROM.