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How To Download Songs From SoundCloud App On Android

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by M0YAL, Feb 15, 2015.

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    SoundCloud is the german based audio playback and distribution service which allows the users to upload, stream, promote and share their created music. Moreover you can also like the songs and leave your comments on them. It is generally a website containing sounds from all over the world. SoundCloud has released it’s official app for different popular platforms including Android, IOS and Firefox Os.

    The best part of soundcloud is that you can listen any song anytime you want to. It is really a cloud of songs in which you can get almost any song whether it is local based or the songs from famous international artists. SoundCloud android app have crossed over 50 million downloads and still counting. All the things are good but the only thing or service which this app misses is the download feature. You can stream the music online and then add it to favorites to stream that offline but you can’t download that song to have it’s mp3 file.

    As we have earlier provided you the only 100% working and exclusive method to download facebook videos without using any third party facebook video downloader apps and now we are coming up with yet another working and exclusive guide on how to download songs from soundcloud app on android. Here’s how to do download songs from soundcloud android app.

    How To Download Songs From SoundCloud App On Android
    Step#1 : Open SoundCloud app on your phone and open the song which you want to download and stream it full. (Note that if you have already streamed the songs which you want to download then no need to follow this step)


    Step#2 : Now close the app and open the file manager on your phone.

    Step#3 : Now locate to Android>data>com.soundcloud.android>files>stream>Complete.

    Step#4 : Now there will be files depending on the number of songs you have streamed, just long press each file and select to rename the file.


    Step#5 : Now just add “.mp3″ extension in the end and tap on Save, now just copy the new mp3 file and paste in the folder where you want to store the songs.


    Step#6 : You will now able to see the new song in your music player app on your smartphone. Enjoy!

    You can now download the songs by using this simple method. If you liked our article and find it informative, please share it on social media platforms.
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