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How To Hack Symbian Anna Belle Phone S60v3 S60v5 S^3

Discussion in 'Internet Hacking Tricks' started by Sarmad Ali, Jun 7, 2015.

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    For nokia 5800xm
    TusFiles | Free Cloud Storage

    For nokia n93
    TusFiles | Free Cloud Storage
    For nokia e63
    TusFiles | Free Cloud Storage
    For nokia c5-00
    TusFiles | Free Cloud Storage
    For nokia n8, 500
    TusFiles | Free Cloud Storage
    Before you start the process you should remember hack first if you've ever tried to hack your phone and then fail or you have never tried at all.
    1. for those who have tried and failed should you reformat your phone with the code * # 7370 # and enter the password default is 12345
    2. For those who have never tried to please go to the next way.
    Before install rompatcher and other applications also change the settings in the mobile phone / cell phone you. go to menu -> tools -> settings -> applications -> manager applications -> there is no choice:
    1. install software => select all
    2.Check certificate online => disable
    All the equipment is in the hack pack zip tool
    1. Install the application X-plore. (for those who do not have)
    2. Open X-plore, Search TmQuarantine.zip Then extract the files in the C :/ drive (put it here)
    3. Install Anti-Virus (After installing Mobile Security will ask to restart the phone and then press yes, then let the phone turns on by itself)
    4. Open the Anti-Virus App its
    5. Press Options >> Select the Quarantine list >> press option >> choose Mark>. Select Mark All
    6. Press Options >> Restore at all files
    7. Close App Anti-Virus and delete.
    8. Open X-plore file RomPatcher+, then install
    9. Open the app RomPatcher +
    1. click option >> Add To Auto Open4all.rmp and Installerserver.rmp (if Installerserver.rmp not want in the Apply, Ignore it)
    2. Click Options >> All Patches >> Select Apply
    10. Find installserver.exe in the file hack tool
    then extract it to C: SYS / BIN / (put here)
    after placing installserver.exe correctly then your phone has now been hacked status, test by installing unsigned applications
    Especially for
    1. Mobile s ^ 3 anna belle: please install applications installserver + S ^ 3 in the file hack tools.zip
    2. nokia e5 bit tired it using different measures, Use a hack tool os 93, step lies in the different patches folder.
    this note.
    Extrac folder on the hack tool.zip patches to E:
    and later will form a folder in the directory E = E: patches

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