How To Install Android Lollipop Custom ROM On Nokia X and XL

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Nokia took is first step in the Android smartphone market with Nokia X series smartphones. The series got popular only by its price because this smartphone is really cheap. Nokia powered this smartphone with its so-called Nokia x platform with Nokia fast lane. Moreover, as you all know, Nokia sold to Microsoft and now Lumia phones come with Microsoft branding on it instead of Nokia. That means Nokia don’t support these phone’s any more and there is no way to get updates except installing a custom ROM on your Nokia X or XL. So get ready because today I am introducing you with Android lollipop for Nokia X and XL. I will guide you through installing this ROM on your phone.

First let me tell you that installing any custom ROM on Android phone is not an official process and may brick down your device if not done properly. Your phone’s warranty will also get void after installing this custom ROM on your phone so you will be charged for any assistance in future. So install this custom ROM at your own risk.

You need a Windows PC for this process, a USB cable to connect your phone with your PC and your phone rooted with a custom recovery installed (TWRP recommended) so you can flash ROM on your phone. On your phone enable the USB debugging by going to Settings > Developer Options and enable USB debugging from here. Also make sure that your phone should have at least 70% battery left on it.

Some issues with this custom ROM:

  1. After installing this ROM on your phone you will not be able to use Wi-Fi hotspot. Therefore, only install this on your phone if you are ready for life without hotspot.
  2. Install this ROM only on the stock ROM. If you have any custom ROM installed on your Nokia smartphone already, make sure that the custom ROM installed on your phone should not have any bugs or those bugs will get carry over to this ROM.
Backup all of your important data to your PC or to some safe place so if anything happens your data will be safe this way. Backup all of your contacts by syncing them up to your Google account. You can also backup important apps by using titanium backup app from Google play store and restore them back after this process.

Steps to install lollipop custom ROM on Nokia X and XL
  1. First you need to download this lollipop rom zip file for your phone.
  2. Now download patch files according to your phone’s model number.
Nokia X: patch

Nokia XL: patch1 patch2

  1. After downloading the files, just transfer them to your phone using USB cable.
  2. Now reboot your phone to Recovery Mode by the turning it of and turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Up and Power keys together.
  3. When in the Recovery Mode, make a full backup of your previous ROM by tapping on Backup then confirm to make backup.
  4. Now come back to the main menu and tap on the wipe option, then confirm to wipe all the data on your phone.
  5. Once again, come back to main menu and tap on “install”, followed by “choose zip from SD card” then select the ROM zip file and confirm to install that.
  6. After installing the ROM, you must install the downloaded patch files in the same way.

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