How to install TWRP and Root on Lenovo S960 Vibe X China Version

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How to install TWRP and Root on Lenovo S960 Vibe X - Another great phone by Lenovo Mobile big brother for Lenovo S Series [HASHTAG]#Lenovo[/HASHTAG] Vibe X. Also know as IdeaPhone S960 is a slim and sleek device with upper range internals. To modified this great phone is actually quite easy because almost all MediaTek base device has a similar method, but it quite difficult to find any tutorial / guide that explain step by step about [HASHTAG]#Lenovo[/HASHTAG] [HASHTAG]#S960[/HASHTAG] Vibe X. This tutorial try to explain step by step so you can easily understand on how to install custom recovery and rooting Lenovo S960 Vibe X.

Disclaimer :This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.

Downloads :
How to install TWRP and Root on Lenovo S960 Vibe X
  1. Download all required files and place it on one folder in your computer for easy access.
  2. Enable USB debugging on your device, go to System Settings > Developer Options
  3. Install Lenovo USB Driver on your computer, and always reboot your computer after finish.
  4. Unpack the S960_S128_TWRP_2.6.3.0 and you will found file named recovery place it on folder with SP Flash Tool V_3.1328.
  5. Open SP Flash Tool V_3.1328, check on DA DL With All Check Sum
  6. Click on Scatter-loading navigate to MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc file that already downloaded this will load recovery file too. Press Download button and confirm to the all warnings
  7. Now turn off your device, ensure it really turn off and connect to computer, after 5 seconds press power buttons. If everything work the computer will detect your device and SP Flash Tool V_3.1328 will show some progress. ( Red - Purple - Yellow - Grey and Green ) Wait until it finish completely don't ever disconnect device from computer in this state, cause it can make your device bricked.
  8. When everything is finish the green circle will appears and you can disconnect your device, try turning it on and go to recovery mode (Press and Hold both Volume Buttons + Power Button)
  9. Move SU-Installer to your device using USB cable, this step will install Root to your device, select Install from TWRP menu and navigate to SU-Installer. Confirm to all question and begin to install, wait until finish and reboot your device.
  10. Boot normally and look for SuperUser. Install Root Checker from google play store to confirm that your device has been root.
  11. Done.
Using TWRP will lose your ability to update the OS "on air", so please consider it carefully. Thank your for reading this guide please leave comments if you have some problems, i will try to help you.

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