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How To Install TWRP Recovery On Nokia (X,XL)

Discussion in 'Nokia - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Sarmad Ali, May 31, 2015.

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    The procedure given below will only work for nokia X , X+ and XL. So, do not use the procedures discussed here on any other device of any other company.


    • Back up important data and stuff before you start as there are chances you might lose your apps and app-data.
    • You must have proper and working driver installed on your windows computer to be able to successfully flash TWRP Recovery on your nokia x.
    • Download the TWRP.zip and transfer installer zip file to a separatefolder on your computer to keep things tidy.
    • Enable developer options by going to your phone’s Settings » select About phone » Scroll to the bottom and tap on “Build number” seven times to enable developer options.
    • Enable USB Debugging. For this open phone’s Settings » select Developer options » Tick the “USB debugging” check-box (under Debugging section).

    Step 1- Extract the installer file nokia x (+, L) TWRP One-Click-RecoveryInstaller.zip to get the following files, and one folder.

    • api (folder)
    • 1-click-TWRP-recovery-installer.bat
    • adb.exe
    • AdbWinApi.dll
    • AdbWinUsbApi.dll
    • fastboot.exe
    • TWRP-
    • source.properties
    Step 2 – Run the ’1-click-TWRP-recovery-installer.bat’ file and follow the simple on-screen instructions to install TWRP Recovery on your device.

    Step 3 – Now, your device will automatically boot into system. To boot into your newly flashed TWRP Recovery, follow the steps below.

    • Power off your nokia x and wait for 6-7 seconds after display is off.
    • Press Power button and when you see the NOKIA logo appear, press and hold Volume up button.
    This is all what one has to do to install TWRP recovery on nokia XL and root it. The procedure is very simple and easy.
    Download zip.png

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