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How to Quickly Root Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Discussion in 'Samsung - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Tnaiiy, Oct 9, 2016.

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    Steps to Root Galaxy S7 with 1-Click

    Step 1: Install and Run AnyRooter Android Root Pro

    The good news is that you can use this awesome rooting program on both Windows PC and Mac computers. Click the corresponding download button to save the file on your computer and install it by following instructions shown on screen. Open the program when installation was completed. Below is a screenshot of the program:


    Step 2: Turn on USB Debugging on Galaxy S7
    USB debugging is an effective mechanism to grant the permission to access Android devices from computer. You need to turn it on first before rooting. However, this is a quite simple task.

    To do this, first go to Settings -> About phone, tap Build number 7 times. Then a message pops up saying 'You are now a developer'. After this, scroll down the list under Settings, you will see Developer Options at the bottom. Tap it and enable USB debugging in here.

    Step 3: Connect Galaxy S7 to Computer
    AnyRooter is a desktop program and it needs to access Galaxy S7 via USB debugging. You need to connect the phone to computer with USB cable. When the phone was attached, AnyRooter should recognize the device a minute later. After that, all preparations are done.


    Step 4: Start Rooting Samsung Galaxy S7
    Click 'Root Now' to start the rooting process. During this step, there are a lot of works being done but in a way that you can’t actually see it. In order to increase the success rate of root, this program will analyze internal system, update drivers if there were old and backup your data for security. Finally root your phone after all these requirements were reached. It needs sometime to complete the process, please be patient and don’t disconnect the device during this step.


    In short, with rooting you can become the true owner of your phone. Some people feel that without rooting, their phone is not theirs. The reason is that in the case of unrooted phone, the carrier and the manufacturer of the phone keeps constantly warning the users on what to install and what not to install on the phone. This gives a feeling as if they have rented a phone as against owning the phone for some people. With rooting, these problems are completely eliminated and the individual can feel himself to be the true owner. So, to make sure that you can achieve safe rooting, choose a reliable application like AnyRooter to reap the benefits of rooting. So, are you ready for true ownership of your Samsung Galaxy s7?
    Windows Version

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