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How to root most of htc phones.

Discussion in 'HTC - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by HTC, Feb 1, 2015.

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    Rooting htc phone is easy,but only when you know how aff8985084e7f44657c37e606a681cf4.gif
    To root htc phone there is only few things to do,That's what i going to tell you bca83dd5814bd9e8500a7b6eec404809.gif

    To root htc what we have to do is Unlock bootloader,install custom recovery,install supersu...that's it..

    So in this guide i will teach you what i tell you above.

    1) Bootloader Unlocking..
    1,1) For one click unlock bootloader you can use htx tool -> [Tool] HTX Multi Tool V1.0 Beta Tool Released!

    1,2) Connect your phone in fastboot vol down + power and select fastboot.

    1,3) Open Htc tool and do read boot info if all ok your phone info must be show in tool.

    1,4) Now there is button auto BL unlock.


    Now you will see like this,in email add htcdev registered email and in username htcdev username,and do start unlocking...


    Once you see success logs like this :

    In phone press vol up and for yes,now bootloader is unlocked and we can install custom recovery.

    2)Installing custom recovery.
    2,1) Visit to the following link : https://www.clockworkmod.com/rommanager

    2.2) Download recovery from link above.

    2,3) Select recovery in partition flashing:


    Wait for success log and now you are ready for final step bca83dd5814bd9e8500a7b6eec404809.gif

    3 ) Installing super for getting root access.

    3,1) Boot your phone into recovery (vol down + power) select recovery.

    3,2 ) Download supersu zip from this link -> SuperSU Download
    Thx chainfore for this.

    3,3) If phone have sdcard slot copy supersu.zip to sdcard and in recovery select install zip from sdcard,and select supersu.zip.

    If phone does not have sdcard slot,in recovery select "install zip sideload",open htx tool go to adb tab click sideload,select supersu.zip.

    Congrats you have your htc phones rooted bca83dd5814bd9e8500a7b6eec404809.gif

    PS: If you not found recovery from the link about,please google search do not request recovery in this section.

    PS:Bootloader unlocking will erase phone userdata so be careful.

    PS:HTX tool don't support other then yahoo,so if you registered with another email unlock bootloader manually.

    Best Regards
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