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how to root samsung galaxy on5 SM-G5510


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May 23, 2017
how to root samsung galaxy on5 SM-G5510 ?
The version of TWRP I am linking to WAS NOT MADE BY ME. It is an official build of TWRP for our phone.
To prepare the phone to be rooted you will need a few things:
  1. Download ODIN from the following link: Download ODIN
  2. Download TWRP ODIN flashable TAR file for the on5 here: Download TWRP (It will say it is for T-Mobile only, but works on MetorPCS as well)
  3. Download SuperSU Latest Stable here: Download SuperSU
  4. Download Samsung Drivers if needed: Download Drivers

Once the above is downloaded you must then do the following:
  1. On the phone goto Settings->About and tap "Build Number" 10 times to enable Developer Mode.
  2. Go to Settings->Developer Mode and select "Enable OEM Unlock"
  3. Then power off the device.
  4. With the device powered off hold "VOL-DOWN + HOME + PWR" until Download mode appears.
  5. Plug the phone into the computer and start ODIN with Administrator Rights.
  6. Open Odin and place that TWRP TAR file in the [AP] slot, under Options tab disable Auto Reboot, then press [Start]
  7. When ODIN says the flash is complete in the log window, pull the battery and put the battery back in.
  8. Before turning back on hold "VOL-UP + HOME + PWR" to enter recovery.
  9. Once in recovery go to Mount->Enable USB Mass Storage
  10. Copy the SuperSU zip to the phone's storage
  11. Disable USB Mass Storage
  12. Go to Backup->Start Backup to backup the phone IN CASE OF ISSUES!!
  13. Go to Install->Select SuperSU zip file and wait.
  14. Once done, reboot the phone and you should be good!

For the custom ROM, I will be posting the information, instructions, and downloads on my website LINKED HERE You will find the download at the bottom of that page. If you have issues please let me know.
  1. Download the system image from the link above
  2. Extract the zip file to your external SD Card: (Example: Phone:\Ext_sd\TWRP\backups\)
  3. Reboot into recovery (vol-up+home+pwr
  4. Make sure System Read only is not enabled in Mount settings.
  5. Select "Restore" -> Select the Folder you just put on your external SD Card
  6. Wait for a few minutes.
  7. After that is done, go back to the recovery home
  8. Then select "Wipe"
  9. Select "Data", "Cache", and "Dalvick Cache", and "Internal Storage" ONLY (
  11. Slide to wipe.
  12. Some users are reporting that you need to also restore DATA only from a stock ROM backup.
  13. Then reboot.
  14. Follow android setup as normal
  15. Profit.
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