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Jan 4, 2015
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Facebook is the world’s top used social network site. Facebook is a viral web and it’s team under Mark Zuckerburg is really making this web popular and effective. Facebook is improving everyday and we get new features and facilities every new day. Recently facebook has updated the site with yet another effective feature which is the availability of saving the post and watch it out later.

Here’s the guide on how to save facebook posts and see them later. It works same as the bookmark feature on browsers and few other apps too.

How To Save Facebook Posts
Step#1 : After you decide to see any post later, just click on the down arrow icon located at top right corner of the post.

Step#2 : Now you will see a list of options, select the option ‘Save (the post title)‘ to save the post.


If you are using facebook app on your smartphone, same step applies on it.

Step#3 : Now to access the saved posts, go to your facebook home and in left side bar under the newsfeed heading, click on the Saved tab.


Step#4 : It will now present you a list of posts you just saved for watching them later. These posts further can be filtered based music, videos, link and etc.


Now just in case you want to delete some of your saved posts, here’s the steps which you have to follow to delete saved posts of facebook.

Step#1 : Hover on the post which you want to delete and on hovering, you will get ‘X’ button, just click on it.


Step#2 : Now the post will be gone in archive menu, so in order to permanently delete the post, go to Archive page and find the post.

Step#3 : Click on the post menu and simply select the delete option there.


If you are using the smartphone facebook app, just click the “-“button and add the post to Archive. Now simply delete the post by visiting Archive section.

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