How To Set Android Lollipop Priority Mode


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Jan 4, 2015
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Priority interruptions was one of the key feature which was introduced in android lollipop and right after updating your phone to 5.0, the first thing many user searched and asked on different forums is the new quick volume settings which comes to screen when you press any of volume keys. Unlike other versions it’s new settings have 3 tabs under the volume sliderB. From right side the first was NONE then PRIORITY and in the end there was ALL. Many try by their own and some get success and rest get failed to set the priority mode so today we are going to guide you that how to set android lollipop priority mode.

Before we start we want to tell you that this feature is same like ‘Do not disturb’ found on different platforms. Basically priority mode will silent the alerts which you didn’t want to get your attention. Now lets get started with the guide.


On your smartphone running official or custom android lollipop, open the settings app then tap on Sounds & notifications, now select Interruptions from options listed there. Now after opening the Interruptions option, you will see a window containing different options. Now here you have to decide your priorities As you are seeing in below image that there are three priorities which you have been given to choose.


I have choose ‘Messages’ for my priority that is i will be alerted only when i received messages and will not be alerted when someone calls me and my events and reminders will be leaved silent. I haven’t chosen the days and time settings for my priorities and keep it general to give you a idea but in case if you want to choose more specific priority then just select the days option there.

Now here the priority interruptions settings get set according to your priorities and is active but like me if you want these settings sometimes and sometimes you didn’t need any interruptions then what to do? As we have told you in starting of this article that if you press any of volume keys, a new quick volume settings comes to screen instead of single volume bar. This is where we get advantage and can turn on/off our priorities in just a single tap and can set timer also instead of repeating the whole process again.


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