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A900 How to unbrick Qmobile Noir A900

Discussion in 'QMobile - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Silent Angel, Feb 4, 2015.

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    How to unbrick Qmobile Noir A900

    Please do this on your risk dont try to flash any other phone firmware or rom it can cause a dead phone becuase of wrong preloader flashing and follow as we say dont skip or do anything by yourself download following links from below.

    1. Qmobile Noir A900 with usb cable
    2. the files from below links
    3. A computer with stable windows 7

    1. Download All files from above links
    2. Extract the Drivers-MT65xxPreloader.zip file onto desktop or someplace convenient to access.
    3. Double click on InstallDriver.exe to install the drivers for QMobile Noir A900
    1. 2feace002060819292240aca76b9f6f6.jpg
    2. When drivers installation is completed extract A900_130812_ForFlashtoolFromReadBack_140310-195904.rar
    3. now extract sp flash tools.zip
    4. Open SP FLASH TOOL folder and then open flash_tool.exe.
    5. 4c0bbdbebe40cea98cf7589a38fcf95d.jpg
    6. Once Flash Tool is opened click on Scatter-loading button on the right side of the flash toolOnce Flash Tool is opened click on Scatter-loading button on the right side of the flash tool
    7. Now browse the A900_130812_ForFlashtoolFromReadBack_140310-195904 folder which we extract earlier onto desktop.
    8. Then select MT6589_Android_scatter.txt and click Open
    9. After doing above step properly, click on the Download button WITHOUT TOUCHING ANYTHING ELSE.
    10. f504a69e1ccf6df5e96128f5a5a1ce11.jpg
    11. After clicking the Download button, REMOVE battery from your QMobile Noir i9 and Connect it with PC. (Remember: Connect it without battery)
    12. If drivers are properly installed, the procedure will start immediately.
    13. It will take about 5-6 minutes to complete. Be patient. DO NOT DISCONNECT THE DEVICE AT ANY COST.
    14. When the procedure is complete, there will be a Green TICK indicating the completion of the flashing procedure.
    15. Now, DISCONNECT your QMobile Noir A900 and INSERT BATTERY inside and Power it up
    16. The first boot will take about 3-5 mintues so be patient
    17. IF phone is not booting up so go to recovery by pressing all three power + volume buttons to enter in bootloader and select recovery after selecting recovery do wipe data factory reset
    18. IN SHA ALLAH yyour phone will boot up

    1. After following upto / doing Step # 15, please follow the steps below
    2. Click on the Format tab.
    3. 868c22417a0113450814b3decd9f2db9.jpg
    4. Then click on Start WITHOUT TOUCHING ANYTHING ELSE.
    5. b528bf8ddc61dbd35fbe2574ea4f7b66.jpg
    6. Now Remove battery from you device and Connect it to PC WITHOUT battery
    7. The process will start immediately and it will take some seconds
    8. After completion, there will be a Green Tick Confirming the process completion. Close that Tick and GO BACK to Download Tab.
    9. 94290194d460aa30d0a7240dc1ed3892.jpg
    10. Now Disconnect the device but do not put battery inside and follow the rest of the procedure from above and continue from Step # 16.
    11. Thanks
    congrats you have recovered your QMobile noir A900