How to use Cortana Reminder feature effectively on Windows 10 Mobile


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Scores of Windows 10 users have started relying on Cortana for completing their daily tasks or reminding them about the same at the right time. for instance, When you prompt Cortana to remember something like 6 o’clock early morning walk or to buy a greeting card for your friend’s birthday, you are reminded about it at just the right time or place, on any of your Cortana-enabled devices, using the same Microsoft account connected device. It helps you organize reminders at key time to help you plan your activity so hardly give a miss to anything important. Below are some of the ways to use Cortana Reminder feature effectively on a Windows 10 Mobile phone.

Cortana Reminder feature
Try the following to learn these reminder basics.

Tap in the Search field and allow the Cortana to show up, making it ready to take your commands – say, “Remind me to pick up Louie at 3:20,”. Cortana is also capable of serving users reminders based on location (“Remind me to call Suze when I leave work”) or person (“Remind me to ask about summer vacation next time I talk to Mom”).

At times, we feel lazy and do not mind going to office few minutes late or if there is some delay in pick-up time. You can Lose the snooze – When a reminder pops up at an inconvenient time, tap the reminder’s title and you’ll be able to set a new time.

If you would like to reactivate the completed reminders from your past, press the Search button, tap Cortana’s Notebook > Remind me, and then tap More > Reminder history. Tap a reminder to reuse it.

Avoid waking up someone accidentally with your reminders by using the Remind me Tile from the Start screen. This feature allows you to silently add a reminder in Cortana’s Notebook.

To pin the Tile to Start, press the Search button, tap Cortana’s Notebook > Remind me, and then tap Pin.

Let us know if you have any other tips to offer.