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How to use Smart Phone Flash Tool to Flash any BLU Smartphone?

Discussion in 'BLU - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Gators, Jul 10, 2015.

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    In today’s article I would like to show you how to use smart phone flash tool or SP Flash tool to repair or flash your BLU Android smartphone in cases that you are stuck on the boot screen and attempting methods such as factory resetting your smartphone is not working at all. Well if those methods failed then its time to attempt to flash your device. Please note that while I will be focusing on BLU smartphones this method does work for any smartphone once you have the required Stock or Custom ROM that you want to flash. This is also a tutorial on how to use the smart phone flash tool.

    SP Flash Tool Download
    You can download SP Flash Tool v5 here or here and simply extract the files once you are finished. The version that I have provided for download is the latest version and will have all you need to get started. Just in case you need it I will also provide the older SP Flash Tool V3 download or here as at times the older editions tend to be more reliable. You will only need to download one I suggest you use Version 3 or the second link.

    How to use Smart Phone flash tool to flash your smartphone?
    Please note that before you begin this flashing method will only work with ROM’s that have a scatter file in it, which is a text based file that named accordingly. If your downloaded ROM does not have that file this method will not work and will require another tool. Also note this method will erase all data from the phone and as always you are attempting this at your own risk and any damages to your device is solely your responsibility. Also to better help you I have included a detailed video with step by step instructions:

    1. As always make sure that your phone is fully charged and that your computer can communicate with your phone by downloading and installing the MTK drivers as seen in the video so your phone will connect to the computer and the SPF flash tool easily, if your phone is detected and connected to the PC you can skip this part.

    2. Now power off your phone and disconnect it from the PC and remove the battery.

    3. Get the ROM or flash files for your device, if you are looking for a full list of BLU flash files or ROM’s then look below for your specific model and download.

    4. Download and extract the smart phone flash tool/ SP flash tool if you have not already done so. I will be referring to Version 3 which is older but version 5 works in the same way but with a more refined interface and simpler settings.

    5. Open the folder and launch : Flash_Tool.exe


    6. The interface should look like this (The Newer version 5 will look a bit different but the option are the same):

    Version 3 interface

    Version 5 interface

    7.Once you have launched the application click on the option: Scatter-loading with the icon of a folder beside it in the right of the interface. The newer version 5 if you are using that has it in roughly the same place with fewer options.

    8. Now you will need to load your scatter files which can be found in your ROM files or firmware files that you downloaded, BLU users can check below to find their files. File is usually marked Android scatter.txt.

    9. When its loaded hit download and connect your smartphone without the battery if it’s a removable battery. Now press Volume up or Volume down to have the PC detect your phone, this varies from phone to phone. The process should start and a green ring will appear when its finished.

    Process completed 100%

    10. Close the tool and disconnect your phone and boot up your device, your phone should now be successfully flashed.

    Some devices may end up loosing their IMEI number after flashing a ROM and will not detect your SIM card or be able to connect to any cellphone network provider, if you are having this issue then learn How to Repair IMEI number in Android here.

    All Major BLU Firmware, ROM or Flash Files
    BLU Dash JR K D142K

    If your file is not below check how to find any BLU ROM you need here.

    1. BLU Dash JR K D142K Flash File

    2. BlU Dash Music II D330 Flash File

    3. BLU Dash JR TV D140T Flash File

    4. BLU Star 4.0 S410a Flash File

    5. BLU Dash JR D140 Flash File

    6. BLU Studio 5.0 II D532U Flash File

    7. BLU Dash JR K Flash File

    (Password: 20092014033400)

    8. BLU Neo 3.5 Flash File

    (Password: 20092014103214)

    9. BLU Studio 5.5 D610a Flash File

    (Password: 19092014095205)

    10. BLU Studio 5.0 D530E Flash File

    (Password: 19092014095205 )

    11. BLU Studio 5.0 D532 Flash File

    (Password: 19092014094643)

    12. BLU Aria Flash File

    13. BLU Deco PRO TV Q360T Flash File

    14. BLU STUDIO 5.0 C Flash Files

    15. BLU DASH 5.0 MODEL D410a Flash file

    16. BLU DASH JR SOCIAL MODEL D140S Flash File

    17. BLU Advance 4.0 A270a Flash File

    18. Blu dash music 4.0 D272a flash file

    I suggest that after recovering your phone by flashing it that you do a backup of your Phone or the ROM as shown here so if in the future you brick your device again you can easily restore it.

    Trouble Shooting Potential Issues
    1.In case of any errors please Change Download to Format or Firmware upgrade this sometimes does the trick. Also you can go to Options- Connection and change USB Speed from High Speed to: Full Speed this may help in fixing errors.

    2.If the phone appears to be dead place it in Recovery mode, in which case the computer should recognizes the phone and you can flash the phone again.

    If your file is not listed above you can check out this article on how to find any BLU ROM that includes a Scatter file.

    3. If you are looking for the MTK USB driver as I used in the video here they are and this is how to install them in case you missed it.If the MTK USB drivers which are your best bet are not working for you then try the ADB drivers which has the drivers for most Android smartphones or find your specific BLU Drivers from the manufacturer which will do the same thing as the ADB driver but more specific to your device.

    4. If you are using version 5 of the SPF Flash tool be sure that you have set the flashing mode to: Format All + download.