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How To Watch PTCL Smart TV On Your Android And iPhone

Discussion in 'Internet Hacking Tricks' started by Sarmad Ali, Jul 13, 2015.

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    First of all, Make Sure that:
    • You are a PTCL landline customer with DSL activated. (Wired Smart TV app is only for DSL users)
    • You have activated PTCL Smart TV for PC (worth Rs.250/month) by calling on PTCL back-end. If not you can do so by calling 1236 PTCL Helpline.
    • You have successfuly setup IPTV over Ethernet and you can view smart TV using Smart TV app on your PC connected with ethernet cable.
      Setting Up PTCL Smart TV (IPTV) for iPhone:
      Setting up PTCL Smart TV on iPhone is not a big deal. Actually you have almost setup your PTCL Smart TV for on-the-go viewing on iPhone. For viewing PTCL Smart TV you should must have one of the following or later:
      • iPhone 4, 4S
      • iPhone 5
      • iPhone 6, 6+ VLC_for_iOS_open_network_stream.png
        1. Download VLC from the Apple app store and install it.
        2. Download m3u list and load it into VLC using Network Stream option.
        3. Select channel and watch it and thats it.

        Setting Up PTCL Smart TV for Android:
        There is a bit tricky process for setting up watching TV on Android. Follow my steps carefully.

        1. Make sure that you have a working Smart TV (PTCL IPTV for Broadband) and you can view it on Laptop or any other device using WiFi.
        2. Download this Android Smart TV application provided by PTCL and install it on your Android phone.
        3. Open the “PTCL Smart TV App” and in settings set proxy port to “” and port to 4022 (See picture).
        4. Turn ON both options. ptcl-smart-tv-android-settings.png 5. Restart your phone. 6. Open the app and enjoy the 125+ channels.