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HP's new Powerup Backpack is capable of charging your smartphone up to 10 times

Discussion in 'HP - What's New?' started by Alexa, Aug 8, 2016.

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    HP has unveiled a backpack that is capable of charging your laptop, tablet, as well as smartphone. Appropriately dubbed Powerup Backpack, the canvas bag has a 22,400mAh battery inside that the company claims provides a full charge to most HP laptops, charges a tablet up to three times, and a smartphone up to 10 times.

    The Powerup Backpack also lets you control the order in which your devices charge. There's also a built-in heat sensor that monitors the temperature to make sure the bag doesn't get too hot. A side-pocket plug-in makes the backpack easy to recharge.

    As for price, the backpack carries a tag of $199 (this includes two USB micro cables for Android devices and one laptop cable). It is currently available to pre-order on Amazon, with launch set for October 1.

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