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Huawei Y6 SCL U31 Hard Reset And Bypass Google Verify Your Account

Discussion in 'Huawei - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Gators, Jul 12, 2016.

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    Huawei Y6 SCL U31 Hard Reset and remove pattern lock And Bypass Google Verify Your Account
    With this HARD RESET Method Will Huawei Y6 SCL U31 to factory settings by using a keys combination without requiring the phone to be power on.

    And also Bypass Google verify your account Without pc or other hardware
    Use it if you forget your security code or if you have various problems with the phone software.
    it will NOT UNLOCK the network lock. This method does not reset the PIN code of the SIM card.

    How To Hard Reset:
    1.Power Off
    2. Press Volume Up + Power Key
    3. left the keys when you see reset options
    4. Move to wipe data/factory rest With Volume down.
    5. Conform with Power key
    6. Conform Again with Power key
    7. Reboot now Conform with Power key
    8. its done

    Bypass Google verify Your Account.

    Take your sim card and memory card from the phone before the reset.
    All personal data from the phone (contacts, pictures, messages, apps, games, files) will be deleted!
    if you can, make a backup before!

    Shortcut application apk link: http://gsmdunya.net/frp/Quickshortcut.apk
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