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Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v2.06 - Lumia Boot Repair and MTKx

Discussion in 'Infinity Products' started by JAFRI, Apr 25, 2015.

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    Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v2.06 - Lumia Boot Repair and MTKx
    - USB flashing improved
    MTKx: New FlashUpdate package
    MTKx: Support for latest MT6260 products improved
    WP8x: Boot Repair now support more models
    RM-1031: MS Lumia 532[DS]
    RM-1032: MS Lumia 532[SS]
    RM-1034: MS Lumia 532[SS]
    RM-1068: MS Lumia 435[DS LTA]
    RM-1069: MS Lumia 435[DS]
    RM-1070: MS Lumia 435[SS LTA]
    RM-1071: MS Lumia 435[SS]
    For activate new models you should download and install latest Lumia Repair Package from support!

    - UserData operations improved
    MTKx: Forensic Mode supported for more models
    RM-1122 (Nokia 130): PhoneBook Extraction
    MTKx: PhoneBook extraction improved ( different firmware versions )
    MTKx: Safe "User Code Reset" now read UserCode instead of 2 step reset for Nokia 108 and Nokia 220

    - Service operations improved
    Server SX4 activated for XG223 and BB5 (new hash only)
    Own SX4 card also supported. No limitations on models etc.

    - NaviManager
    New products included:
    RM-1062: MS Lumia 640XL[SS]
    RM-1063: MS Lumia 640XL[SS]
    RM-1064: MS Lumia 640XL[SS]
    RM-1065: MS Lumia 640XL[DS]
    RM-1074: MS Lumia 640[SS]
    RM-1075: MS Lumia 640[DS]
    RM-1096: MS Lumia 640XL[DS]
    RM-1099: MS Lumia 432[DS]
    RM-1109: MS Lumia 640[SS]
    RM-1113: MS Lumia 640[SS]
    RM-1122: Nokia 130[SS]
    RM-1124: Nokia 108[SS]
    NaviManager Database updated:
    All latest WP8 and MTKx firmware included

    - Other
    - Ini updated and revised
    - Stuff files updated
    - Some BugFixes and changes

    Discussion thread and download link: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v2.06 - Lumia Boot Repair and MTKx

    Infinity-Box 10 (ten) years (2005 - 2015) non-stop regular updates and support as nobody else: Infinity-Box - News

    New features, Unlock Codes (Huawei, Motorola, Samsung etc.), iPhone Unlock, Software Activations released for Infinity-Box Online Service

    - World biggest flash files database for several thousands brands/models
    - BB5 Easy Service Tool [BEST] Dongle
    - CDMA-Tool Dongle (fast and easy unlock)
    - Extract phonebook (and other content) from alive and dead phone
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