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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 Mediatek v1.44 - LG Leon/Spirit series support and more

Discussion in 'Infinity Products' started by Attitude, Mar 18, 2016.

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    Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.44 - LG Leon/Spirit series support and more

    - New MTK model line suport: LG
    Initial list of supported models

    LG Leon Series: H320, H324, H324T, H324TR, H326, H326G, H326TV
    LG Spirit Series: H420, H420F, H422, H422T, H422TV

    Supported operations:
    Read full info (with extended info)
    Firmware (factory like) read
    Firmware (factory like) write
    FlashDump Read / Write
    NVRAM Read / Write
    Security Read / Write
    UserLocks Reset (Include LG "Knock Code") without data lost
    PatternLock Reading
    HW test - RAM, eMMC, Battery
    Security repair - IMEI1, IMEI2, WiFi-MAC, BT-MAC
    SP unlock (Unlock Code Reading)
    Format FileSystem
    Repair ExtData
    Flash Erase
    Fix Unknown BaseBand
    Init Preloader
    Forensic: PhoneBook extraction
    Forensic: User Gallery (Photo / Video) extraction

    All supported operations do not require ADB/Root/Emergency mode

    - FW Read Engine Revised
    Improved AutoDetection
    Brand-Specific improvements
    New types supported
    MT87xx - tablet specific changes
    Files verification improved
    FP Factory FW reading revised - new types supported

    - Other
    DataDirect Engine updated
    SP Unlock revised
    HW test revised for MT6575/MT6577
    Flash ID database updated
    FlashLoader updated
    Model list revised, new brand included - LG (LG should be selected for correct LG servicing)
    LG drivers can be found on support
    Format FS fixed for MT6575/MT6577 NAND
    Random WiFi/BTMac generation - just double select required field to generate new values
    Some other bugfixes and improvements

    Download link

    New method to upload firmware files to support area - Flash Files Database - iosFileUploader

    New method to download firmware files from support area - Flash Files Torrent system

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