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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.49 - New MTK Factory FW Reader and more

Discussion in 'Infinity Products' started by AIiMraN, Jun 7, 2016.

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    J7 (2016)
    Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.49 - New MTK Factory FW Reader and more

    - Main
    Core update for support latest v1620 loaders
    Flash ID database updated
    NAND fixes on 16xx loaders line
    MT6589 fixes on 16xx loaders line

    - FW Read Engine Revised
    Engine completely revised
    Now CM2 make exactly the same AS FACTORY one FW !
    CM2 is only tool, which make exactly Firmwares (which not touch or destroy security, vendor data, ota and other phone features)
    Saving additional partitions ( like nvram, proinfo and similar ) now done automatically during FW reading
    Those files compatible with `Write NVRAM` and `ProInfo Tools` features
    Extra files now placed to folder with similar name in main Firmware folder (additional files, HW and rest info)

    `Pack Android Partitions` feature activated - WorldFirst
    Allow reduce FW size up to 60 percent !
    Allow ignore problems with `system verification check` on some brands and phone models
    FW, made with CM2 and that option are fully compatible with SPFT!
    Flashing speed for such type can be fast up to 2x times ( depend on target platform )
    SW will automatically detect all partitions, which can be compressed and will compress them

    New types supported , autodetection method improved
    Brand-Specific improvements for Lenovo, Infocus, Huawei and rest `noname`
    Files verification improved

    - UserData
    UserLocks reset locks operation improved additional pinlocks reset)

    - Service
    `Repair Security` operation revised

    - Other
    Flash ID database updated
    NAND operations revised
    Included 80+ new FlashID to DRAM init
    Some other bugfixes and improvements

    Download link #1

    Download link #2

    Download link #3

    New method to upload firmware files to support area - Flash Files Database - iosFileUploader

    New method to download firmware files from support area - Flash Files Torrent system

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