Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/Spreadtrum v1.22 - Direct FW read for All SPD Android

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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/Spreadtrum v1.22 - Direct FW reader for All SPD Android phones

SPD SP Platform

- PAC creator improved
New types supported
Improved file verification

- Firmware Reading improved
New types supported
Brand-specific improvements

Direct FW reader mode activated!
- DO NOT need USB Debug any more !
- DO NOT need ROOT for Android 5x and Android 6.x any more !
- DO NOT need power on phone at all

The next CPUs are supported:
SC5735 eMMC
SC7715 eMMC
SC7730 eMMC
SC7731 eMMC
SC8830 eMMC
SC9830 eMMC

Solution DO NOT use any "prepared" loaders or something like that - you can use CM2 builtin loaders or own pac files
Solution DO NOT use stupidly "plain reading" of knownn partitions - no half-working firmwares and rest problems

Include NAND Direct FW reading what was released much time ago - CM2 now cover all SC77xx CPU line!
Complete list of supported platforms for FW Read/Write:
SC7715 eMMC
SC7730/31 eMMC
SC8830 eMMC
SC9830 eMMC
SC5735 eMMC
SC6815 eMMC

- Service operations improved
NVM operations improved
SPunlock revised for some models

- Other
Some improvements and bugfixes at all

Download link #1

Download link #2

Download link #3

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