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Infinity CM2 SPD v1.05 - SPD Forensic: SC7715/SC7730/SC7731/SC5735/SC8830

Discussion in 'Infinity Products' started by Ville, Sep 13, 2015.

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    iPhone 6 Plus
    Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/Spreadtrum v1.05 - SPD Forensic: SC7715/SC7730/SC7731/SC5735/SC8830

    Engine updated:
    - Dongle Serial Number and Version read method updated
    - Activation mode for other Infinity products supported
    - Works as Activation for Infinity[BEST] Dongle and Infinity CDMA-Tool Dongle

    Spreadtrum SC7715, SC7730, SC7731, SC5735, SC8830 with eMMC

    New operations supported:
    - DataDirect: PhoneBook Reading
    Allow Read PhoneBook from All SPD SC77xx eMMC-based devices! - World First!
    Hang/Dead/SemiDead/Broken phones also supported
    Until phone can boot and not erased - data can be recovered
    Output formats: CSV (Google), TXT (readable/printing), VCF and VCFv3
    About Data Direct:
    USB Debug/Root etc. IS NOT required - forget about root and rest stuff.
    Alive/working phone IS NOT required
    Phone can be completely dead (can not be Powered-On)
    If phone can Boot and is not erased - data will be recovered

    - NV operations revised
    TDMA phones (SC883x) support improved
    - Security Repair improved
    Repair in FlashMode improved for SC8830/SC5735

    - Flash Engine updated
    PAC file handling revised

    - Some other bugfixes and improvements

    FlashID database updated
    Some other bugfixes and improvements at all

    Discussion and download link - Chinese Miracle-2 SPD v1.05 - SPD Forensic: SC7715/SC7730/SC7731/SC5735/SC8830