Install Google Play On Oppo Find 7


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Jan 4, 2015
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Oppo really have exceeds its boundaries and in the past year, it got launched officialy in many regions. Oppo smartphones are well known for their excellent build quality and the exclusive features. Find 7 is a great smartphone by Oppo and it comes with so many exciting and exclusive features that no other companies offers.

Oppo Find 7 comes with a Snapdragon 801 Quadcore processor with 3GB of Ram and LTE connectivity. The built-in OS is the Oppo’s ColorOS which is based on android 4.3 jellybean. It have all the gestures and smart features but it lacks in the availability of Play store so today we are going to tell you how to install google play on oppo find 7.

Steps To Install Google Play On Oppo Find 7
  1. Download the Google Play Color OS zip file from here.
  2. If you have downloaded the above file on your pc then transfer it to your phone’s sdcard via usb cable.
  3. Now go to Settings app and navigate to About > System Update
  4. Now tap on ‘Local Update’ and then refresh the window by tapping on the ‘Refresh’ button at the bottom.
  5. Now it will show the Google Play Color OS zip file which you have downloaded earlier.
  6. Just tap on the file and it will now prompt a message asking you to ‘Upgrade Now’ and ‘Cancel’, just select ‘Upgrade Now’.
  7. Now it will start it upgrading so don’t powered off your phone.
  8. After the 30 seconds of upgrading, it will get finished and you will now be able to see Google Play in your app drawer.
It is the easiest way to get play store on your Oppo Find 7. If you find this guide useful and informative consider sharing it on social media by hitting the social share buttons below. You can also get our latest articles in your inbox, just you have to subscribe to our newsletter in the sidebar.
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