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iPhone SE's durability gets tested in another video, see it swim, tumble, bend..

Discussion in 'Apple - What's New?' started by Alexa, Apr 5, 2016.

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    iPhone SE's durability gets tested in another video, see it swim, tumble, bend, and drop onto a sidewalk


    Love watching torture-test videos of the newest smartphones? Then you'll definitely enjoy this one. Coming just a few days after the first such video for the iPhone SE is a new one, with a slightly different focus. While last week we've shown you how Apple's latest 4-inch device has managed to withstand scratching, burning, and bending, this time around it faces an almost entirely new set of challenges.

    The common thing between the two videos is the bend test, though today's showing is a lot more scientific. We don't just get a 'pass' or 'fail' evaluation, but we find out that the iPhone SE bends when 160 pounds of pressure is applied to it, which is 10 pounds less than the iPhone 6s and 20 pounds less than the iPhone 6s Plus. The SE reaches catastrophic failure at 178 pounds.

    You can also see it being submerged, and losing audio immediately under five feet of water. It got bricked in less than a minute, which is a lot sooner than the bigger iPhone 6s (which survived for 30 minutes), and the 6s Plus (dead after around ten minutes).

    The iPhone SE is then put through the paces of a "tumblebot", and it faces the pavement on a sidewalk - several times, no less. In the end, it's received a 5.5 score for breakability, placing it in between the iPhone 6s (with a score of 4) and the 6s Plus (with 6.5).
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