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KingRoot PC -

Discussion in 'Android Development and Hacking' started by Silent Angel, Feb 22, 2015.

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    Jan 20, 2015
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    KingRoot PC is a program that will allow us to root for your Android device by simply connecting to the computer using a USB cable. Although the interface of the program is only in Chinese, it is certain that you will not need to understand the language to use.

    The procedure for "rooting" your Android device using KingRoot PC is simple: activate the 'USB debug' mode terminal in question (found in 'developer options'), connect it to the PC using a USB cable, and press the large button blue showing KingRoot PC interface. Within seconds we will have our terminal root.

    It is important to note that sometimes KingRoot PC will cost to identify the model that we have connected terminal Android, and with some models simply will not function. In spite of that, in general is a very useful (and especially easy to use) program.

    KingRoot PC is a good program to root, that while not foolproof, works well overall.

    Download :KingRootSetup_105002.exe

    & KingRoot-
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