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Latest comScore numbers show little change in the U.S.

Discussion in 'Tech News World' started by Princess, Mar 6, 2015.

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    The latest numbers from comScore have been released. For the three months ending in January, Apple still was the smartphone manufacturer in control of the U.S.market, with a market share of 41.3%. That is actually .6 percentage points lower than the share attributed to Apple for the three months ended in October. Samsung was next with a 29.3% share for the three months from November through January. That was flat compared to the same slice of the U.S. smartphone pie owned by the manufacturer for the three months ended in October. Apple's lead over Samsung was down to 12 percentage points by the end of January, from the 12.6 pp lead it owned in October.

    LG picked up the .6 percentage points lost by Apple and as January came to a close, the company had 8% of the stateside market. Next, Motorola was flat at 5.2% and HTC slipped .3pp from the end of October to the end of January. HTC was responsible for 3.8% of the smartphones in the U.S. for the three months ended in January.

    Looking at the operating systems, Android padded its lead over iOS from November through January. During that period, Google's open source OS tacked on .9 percentage points to control 53.2% of the smartphones in the U.S. Apple's iOS slipped .6 pp between the end of October and the end of January and had a 41.3% market share at the end of 2015's first month. Windows Phone was next with a 3.6% share for the three months ended in January. That compared to the 3.5% of the market that Microsoft's mobile OS owned for the three months ended in October. BlackBerry (1.8%, down from 2.1% for the three months ended in October) and Symbian (flat at.1%) round out the top five.

    Facebook was the smartphone app reaching the biggest audience as nearly 70% of smartphone users had access to the social media site. With 54.5%, YouTube was next followed by Google Play (51.8%), Google Search (51.5%) and Facebook Messenger (47.4%).

    In the U.S., 184 million people owned a smartphone at the end of January, up 4% from the ownership number seen at the end of October. Smartphones represented 75.8% of mobile handsets in use in the states as the year's first month came to a close.
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