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LENOVO K860i - Android 4.2.1

Discussion in 'Lenovo - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Silent Angel, Apr 12, 2015.

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    LENOVO K860i
    LENOVO K860i - Update 06/05/2013
    LENOVO K860i - Update 07/01/2013

    ROM LENOVO K860i – ROM Android 4.2.1

    Update Official Lenovo K860i Version: K860i_1_S_2_003_0097_130807
    Update Official Lenovo K860i Version: K860i_1_S_2_003_0074_130701
    Update Official Lenovo K860i Version: K860i_1_S_2_003_0038_130605


    1 Bluetooth open
    2 Move the hot issues, using a USB connection, network connection or disconnected
    3 Offline mode and wife sometimes can not open
    4-talk handset quality standards, bright, soft option is invalid
    5 The radio does not work properly
    6 pacemaker navigation run flash on exit, external card name change to, Tencent mobile housekeeper PC version also can not recognize external SD card, convenient transport
    7 Chi tone switch is invalid
    8 would drop down navigation shortcut buttons set after a single page without WLAN wireless following characters are blank
    9 Using the PC version can not be 360 assistant software, games, what's installed to the SD card inside, clearly show the SD card with an external card, 4.1 4.0 can install the software properly to SD. 4.2 will not work
    10 mobile assistant computer version 360 can not install the software to the phone built with external SD card, phone assistant clearly shows the size of the remaining size built-in SD card, external SD display is normal, that is not working
    11 when the alarm does not ring when the ring, as if to set the interval for a long time will not be affected, it is delay things
    12 music inside calendar reminders in the calendar off the screen, the reminder tone when there is no
    13 After ending the call, the interface dead, long press the power to restart the

    User Experience Class
    14 Kara swipe card reader can not correctly identify
    15 black boot time is too long
    16 Phone status information signal strength display 2147483647dbm 255 asu
    17 side-lit screen, double-click the lock screen time to be slightly longer, side buttons need to double-click it bright screen
    18 call sound small, fluctuated, voice dull, not clear enough, and intellectual tone on the right?
    19 call to external speakers started slightly, slowly getting low, feeling, and built-in volume almost
    20 Slide to unlock after 2-3 seconds, the function keys are the four key blinks
    21 Open the phone camera hot!
    22 fever very serious ah, that hot on the micro-channel
    23 Switch on a delay, and sometimes they can not hear the call
    24 Power consumption control is not ideal, high fever, 0427 beta version to use energy saving light, K860i stand up for three days, now only one day more, looking forward to find out the reasons and to optimize


    Official Lenovo ROM Version: K860i_1_S_2_003_0097_130807_szb

    Language support : EN/CN

    Rom install :

    Need a memory card, create folder sdfuse and copy to install on this ROM (SZB tailed).
    - Turn off the machine.
    - Press the Volume + and press to power button until the screen Recovery appearance.
    - A few of the words in green that appears, use the button Vol + / – to move to the SD update.
    - Press power button to select.
    - Machine will automatically check files SZB folder sdfuse of memory cards and will automatically install ROM.
    - Once installed it will automatically restart. The first phase there will be a long wait.

    GAPPS ( look in Menu -> Categories -> GAPPS and choose your version according to the version of android )

    - Turn off the machine.
    - Boot into recovery by Vol + and Power.
    - Moving light bars to Recovery . Press power to select.
    - The machine will reboot and the Clockwork Recovery Mode.
    - Choose Install zip sdcard .
    - Select choose zip from sdcard .
    - Moving light bars gapps.zip package copied to the phone earlier.
    - Flash