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Lenovo releases YouTube videos for smart shoes


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Jan 4, 2015
Lenovo releases YouTube videos for smart shoes, connected homes, and bendable phones

Lenovo Tech World was packed with many new devices and Lenovo also shows us a peek at what future products and ideas the company is working on for the (hopefully near) future. Among these new videos are a pair of Smart Shoes, crazy bendable devices with flexible screens, and Lenovo’s potential in the connected home business.

Lenovo’s Smart Shoe is powered by Intel’s array of motion and tracking sensors for recording fitness data such as step count and interactive fitness programs. The platform of the shoe houses LED lights that can light up in different modes and interact with music.

There is a small display right on top of the right shoe for starting and stopping activity on the fly. The shoes also have their own wireless charging base. Battery can last around 10 days of normal tracking or 10 hours of continuous activity tracking. While you can expect these to come out later this year, there is still no information about pricing.

Another video shows two different concepts for really flexible phones, one that looks like it could almost be a slap bracelet (those metal strips that wrapped around your wrist when you bend them), it bends all the way back and almost completely is able to touch itself (just watch the video). And the other phone can open wide for a tablet-like experience with a larger screen.

Finally, Lenovo is showing off its connected home portfolio starting with a house that unlocks its front door using a retina scanner. There is also a connected thermostat that doubles as a video phone with a camera and screen.

Then a bathroom mirror displays all health information of the person standing in front of it, perhaps thanks to a scale built with these sensors in them. Then there’s a Holo Lens type of headset that merges your environment with the connected network.

It should be a while before we can see any of these products from Lenovo. We’re glad the company has a bright outlook of the future but will it be able to stick to its own plans?