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Lenovo returns to profitability, almost breaks even on Motorola

Discussion in 'Lenovo - What's New?' started by M0YAL, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Lenovo just did what Google could not - it broke even on Moto phones. The Mobile Business Group (which combines Lenovo and Motorola phones and tablets, plus smart TVs) posted quarterly sales of $3.2 billion (down 4% YoY).

    Motorola contributed $2 billion to that and saw shipments rise 25% quarter on quarter. Lenovo didn't quite break even though, it posted $30 million in pre-tax loss.

    As for phones bearing the Lenovo brand, they saw a huge rise in India and Indonesia (doubling and tripling sales) with 83% of sales coming from outside of China.

    It's not all good news, though, total smartphone volume fell 18% to 20.2 million units sold. In case you haven't heard, Lenovo will merge its smartphone brands and Motorola will soon become Lenovo Moto, joining the Lenovo Vibe brand.

    The company as a whole returned to profitability with $300 million net income on a revenue of $12.9 billion (down 8% YoY, 2% in constant currency).

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