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By M0YAL on Jul 25, 2017 at 9:49 PM
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    iPhone 6s
    Lenovo Mobile has been teasing a #KillerNote on its Indian Facebook account. The most recent post boasts about “ordinary performance” being a thing of the past. Earlier posts railed against covering up bad photo quality with filters.

    This phone, likely the Lenovo K7 Note, has low expectations to beat in terms of performance – the K6 Note has a Snapdragon 430. The rumor mill is filled with unreliable info – anything from Snapdragon 625 to 652. Or it could be a Helio X20, though perhaps that is expecting too much of the mid-rangy K-series.

    Anyway, there’s a contest starting today - #MyNeedForSpeed – which will award a K7 Note to one lucky winner. That winner will be unveiled a week from now, so we think the official unveiling, sorry, “uncaging” of the phone will be soon.

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