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LG’s Q2 earnings may dip due to subpar G4 sales

Discussion in 'LG - What's New?' started by Princess, Jun 24, 2015.

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    LG’s G4 is facing stiff competition from the flagship devices of Samsung and Apple. Though the Korean company has made the bold plans to sell 12 million G4 units across the globe, the post launch scene is quite different than estimated.

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    Noting that, two key securities companies in Korea have slashed their expectations almost by half based on current performance of the G4. Based on the current performance, Daishin Securities adjusted the Q2 profit estimates for the LG’s Mobile Communications Division from 102 million won ($92.3 million) to 56 billion won ($50.7 million).

    On the other hand, Korea Investment securities lowered its figures from 115 billion won ($104 million) to 64 billion won ($86 million) won.

    LG aimed to surpass the G3 shipping figure of 5.8 million units last year with over eight million units of G4 this year. And in order to meet the proposed 12 million units over the first year of the device, the company has to sell at least 3 million units per quarter of 2015.

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