LG F180 L/S/K Stock KDZ and Fixed Rom 4.4.2


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Jan 15, 2013
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Lg optimus g f180s f180k f180l Korea was officially kitkat on android 4.4.2 and Vietnam were the chemical dev fix error message 3g roaming call to local generally as the international version already. This article I will guide you cook 4.4.2 rom for LG G.last updated rom lamhoang 3.0I final full g3 for Optimus G LSK F180 and E975. Lamhoang ROM for LG Optimus G F180L / F180S / F180K / E975.
Stock KDZ 4.4.2

Fixed Rom
link all in one
Rom Features
Update Sun Nov 16.2014
- Add Eco mode stt
- Led stt
- Fix the app FC
- Optimize system
- Mute photography
- Plug & Pop
- Keyboard support G3 Username and Tlex
- knock off
- Guest Mode
- Type 2 stt off the screen lock screen of any application.
- Effects lockout TV, HOLE, OUT
- Wallpaper app page
- Weather Gflex
- Messages tab format
- Turn off the screens when a new message
- Blocking spam messages
- Call recording mode
- Optional automatic recording
- SMS replay icon in contacts
- Update google apps
- Add 2 / 3G ststus
- Add T-Action (no active part message)
- Add Smart Notice (not really stable weather should switch wiget)
- Add Weather G3
How to install this Rom Fixed
1. Required in background kitkat rom 4.4.2 and no new bootloader unlock flash. You can flash the original rom v30 KDZ or sling 2.2.2 rom below to get background on kikat
2. Machine must Rooted
3. Install APK TWP Recovery for sewing
- Recovery TWR F180 L / S / K
- Recovery TWR E975
4. Give in memory wipe rom: data, cache, cache and system davik then flash rom.
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source[ tinhte.com ]
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