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LG G3 Device Locked - McAfee Needs PIN after Factory Reset

Discussion in 'Octoplus Box Products' started by Root, Aug 3, 2016.

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    iPhone 6

    Hey everyone,

    Today , Just got a LG G3 D850 and try to factory reset after all done, the device is asking for a McAfee PIN .. So i will fixed with octoplus box tool. i show now.


    make sure that battery is fully charged, try to deactivate Kill Switch and put the phone into Emergency (Download ) mode manually and reflash the phone with : lgd850at-01-v10f-310-410-oct-15-2014+0.oct Flash File.. :)

    Checking data...OK
    Platform: LG Qualcomm
    Selected port: COM67
    Selected model: D850
    To deactivate Kill Switch do the next:
    1. Attach testpoint as shown on Figure in manual, and connect phone with
    Micro USB cable.
    2. Check PC Device Manager, a new device should appear "Qualcomm HS-
    USB QDLoader 9008".
    3. Release testpoint.OK
    Sending loader...OK
    Connecting to server ...OK
    Initializing device...OK
    Deactivating Kill Switch...OK
    Please, reconnect the battery, put the phone in download mode manually
    and re-flash the phone.
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