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Medusa PRO v.1.1.4. LG Factory Repair feature has been released!


Staff member
Feb 13, 2012
Medusa PRO v.1.1.4 Release Notes:
  • Added LG Factory Repair feature!
    You can try to repair LG devices via eMMC by using original LG firmware * («*.tot", "*.kdz" and "*.dz" versions of firmware are supported!).
    This feature can be useful in case, if you haven’t got the working device to prepare Repair file or haven’t got a chance to read out Full flash; or device you want to repair currently is not supported.

  • Fixed and improved Content Extractor:
    - Fixed GUI delay while analyzing contacts, SMS and pictures.
    - Fixed issue with contacts’ export to VCF file.
    - Increased stability of FS analysis.
    - Increased speed of FS reading and parsing directly from the device.

  • Added Win XP SP3 support (in test mode).

  • Made some GUI changes.

  • Updated repair file for LG LS991 (please re-download SRF file).

  • All pinouts and repair procedures described in the manual ("Help" button in the Software)
* NOTE: not all versions of firmware contain necessary partitions for repairing! Try to write different firmware.

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