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Methods to Check Xiaomi 1s Authenticity

Discussion in 'Xiaomi - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Xiaomi, Mar 31, 2015.

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    Not only Apple, Samsung or other brand that have name, the popularity of Xiaomi in china make this device also have copy or fake.

    So, if you have a xiaomi and not sure that your device is. This simple method can help you to identify xiaomi authentic.

    Check xiaomi authentic trough website
    first you need the serial number, xiaomi serial number could be find at the box or inside warranty card. You need to scratch the layer to see the numbers.


    this is how to read the serial number.


    Go to http://chaxun.xiaomi.com in fill the field with your serial number

    The authentic Xiaomi always have result 1. see below.


    Check Xiaomi authentic trough recovery
    Xiaomi also have their own default recovery, but you need to boot in recovery mode. Turn off your device, then press and hold power + volume [+] buttons until Mi logo appear.
    The default recovery is MI Recovery.


    Check Xiaomi authentic trough Fastboot
    You can also check from fastboot. The authentic Xiaomi have image their mascot repairing Android robot.


    Check Xiaomi authentic Antutu + CPU z
    Another way to check is using Antutu and the result must be like image below.


    Check xiaomi authentic trough updater
    The fake or copy xiaomi does not have update ROM.
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