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MFC Dongle Version 1.2.0 Released for iOS7&8.

Discussion in 'MFC Team Products' started by JAFRI, Mar 11, 2015.

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    We're proud to announce the release of MFC 1.2.0. This update adds new functionality to your MFC Dongle.

    Changelogs for MFC Dongle V1.2.0 ?
    • Add iOS 8.0-8.1 Auto V4 (New)
    • Added unlock function if xx message appears on the device’s Lock screen (World first)
    • "Try again in 23 million minutes" bugs fixed
    • Fix some IOS Version detection Bugs
    • Update "Read iDvice" function to detect out more data (Beta Version) (Free)

    • IOS 8.0-8.1 Auto V1 & iOS 8.0-8.1 Auto V2 delay Removed
    • iOS 7.1.1 calling & iOS 7.1.2 manual options Removed
    • iOS 7.1.2 auto v2.2 Rename to iOS 7 auto v2.2
    • iOS 7.1.2 auto v2.3 brightness Rename to iOS 7 auto v2.3 brightness
    • Other small reported bugs fixed

    Upgrading to new Versions:
    • We recommend all customers to upgrade to this latest version 1.2.0. The downloaded version of the software is available now, You can using the MFCDL Tools V2.0 to upgrading to latest version.You can also download from support page with valid membership.

    Discussion MFC Dongle Version 1.2.0 for IOS8.0 - 8.1/IOS7 (2015-03-11 updated)★★★★★

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