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Miracle Box v 2.32 (27th April 2016) User Choice World's First Features...

Discussion in 'Miracle Box' started by Abraham, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Miracle Box V2.32
    Released on 27th April 2016

    1.MTK Add MT6755 Fully Supported Added (World's First).
    + Read (Scatter and BIN File) (World's First).
    + Write (Scatter and BIN File) (World's First).

    2.MTK Add MT6755 Repair IMEI/BT Address Support (World's First).
    + Repair IMEI Address Support (World's First).
    + Repair Bluetooth Address Support (World's First).

    3.MTK Add MT6755 Read / Write NV/ ROOT/ Back BPLGUI Support (World's First).
    + Supported Read NV (World's First).
    + Supported Write NV (World's First).
    + Supported Root Rights (World's First).
    + Supported Back BPL GUI Supported (World's First).

    4.MTK Improve Android Reset Code (EMMC).
    + Some Bug Solved.
    + Fast then Before.
    + Safe Mode added.

    5.MTK Add MT6755 Read Pattern / Read Phonebook Support.
    + Fully Supported Read Pattern Code of MTK 6755 Based Mobile.
    + Fully Supported Read Phone Book of MTK 6755 Based Mobile.

    6.MTK Add MT6755 Clear Anti-theft / Fix DL Mode support (World's First).
    + Added Anti Theft Code Clear MTK 6755 Based Mobiles
    + Added Anti Dix DL Mode MTK 6755 Based Mobiles

    7.MTK Add MT6755 Clear FRP/Mircale AV Support.
    + Single Click FRP Reset Added MTK 6755 Based Mobiles.
    + Supported Android Malware Apps Removed.

    8.MTK Add MT6755 Reset Code/Init Modem Support.
    + Supported Reset Code & initializing Modem.

    9.MTK Improve Android Read/Write (EMMC).
    + Supported Android Read & Write Emmc faster then Before.

    10.MTK/SPD Add Mircale AV Custom Virus Library Support.
    + Add Custom Library Support.

    11.SPD Improve Load *.PAC File and Write.
    + Some Bug Solved.
    + Write .Pac with Improved Features.

    12.Android Add Sideload ZIP Update System.
    + Now you can Update Sideload zip Flash

    Download Miracle Box 2.32 Link