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Miracle Eagle Eye Box 2.07 - MTK & QUALCOM 7000+ Mobile Add Miracle Key Edition

Discussion in 'Miracle Box' started by Ville, May 8, 2015.

  1. Ville

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    Feb 13, 2012
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    iPhone 6 Plus
    Truly for China Mobile
    Released 2.07
    8th May 2015



    What New in Update:
    ✔ 1.MTK Add MT8127 Read / Write support
    ✔ 2.MTK Add MT8127 Format support
    ✔ 3.MTK Add MT8127 Root->Clear Code support
    ✔ 4.MTK Add MT6592 New Flash ID support
    ✔ 5.MTK Improve Save as scatter file (Read)
    ✔ 6.MTK ANDROID all Generic (Format All Flash)
    ✔ 7.MTK Improve MT6260 read.
    ✔ 8.SPD Add SC7710 New Flash ID Support​



    Alcatel Move 2
    Alcatel MTC 960
    Alcatel MTC 970
    Alcatel OT-3201
    Alcatel OT-4005D T'POP
    Alcatel OT-4007 Pixi
    Alcatel OT-4007D Pixi
    Alcatel OT-4010T
    Alcatel OT-4010E T
    Alcatel OT-4011 Glory 2S Pro
    Alcatel OT-4015
    Alcatel OT-4015D
    Alcatel OT-4015N
    Alcatel OT-4016
    Alcatel OT-4016D
    Alcatel OT-4030 S'POP
    Alcatel OT-4030D S'POP
    Alcatel OT-4030E S'POP
    Alcatel OT-4030Y S'POP
    Alcatel OT-4033
    Alcatel OT-4033D
    Alcatel OT-4033E
    Alcatel OT-4110E
    Alcatel OT-5020 M`POP
    Alcatel OT-5020D M`POP
    Alcatel OT-5020E M`POP
    Alcatel OT-5020N
    Alcatel OT-5020T
    Alcatel OT-5020W M`POP
    Alcatel OT-5021E Soleil
    Alcatel OT-5035 X'Pop
    Alcatel OT-5035D X'Pop
    Alcatel OT-5035E X'Pop
    Alcatel OT-5036
    Alcatel OT-5036D
    Alcatel OT-5037
    Alcatel OT-5037E
    Alcatel OT-5120
    Alcatel OT-6010 Star
    Alcatel OT-6010D Star
    Alcatel OT-6012
    Alcatel OT-6012D
    Alcatel OT-6012E
    Alcatel OT-6030 Idol
    Alcatel OT-6030D Idol
    Alcatel OT-6032
    Alcatel OT-6033 Idol Ultra
    Alcatel OT-6033M Idol Ultra
    Alcatel OT-6033Q Idol Ultra
    Alcatel OT-6037
    Alcatel OT-6040D
    Alcatel OT-6040E
    Alcatel OT-6043
    Alcatel OT-6110
    Alcatel OT-7024
    Alcatel OT-7024N
    Alcatel OT-7024W
    Alcatel OT-7025
    Alcatel OT-7025D
    Alcatel OT-7040
    Alcatel OT-7040D
    Alcatel OT-7040E
    Alcatel OT-7041
    Alcatel OT-7041D
    Alcatel OT-7047
    Alcatel OT-7047D
    Alcatel OT-7047E
    Alcatel OT-8008
    Alcatel OT-8008D
    Alcatel OT-8008W
    Alcatel OT-8020D
    Alcatel OT-819
    Alcatel OT-890
    Alcatel OT-890D
    Alcatel OT-890G
    Alcatel OT-891
    Alcatel OT-891G
    Alcatel OT-903
    Alcatel OT-903D
    Alcatel OT-916
    Alcatel OT-916D
    Alcatel OT-918
    Alcatel OT-918D
    Alcatel OT-918M
    Alcatel OT-918N
    Alcatel OT-919
    Alcatel OT-922
    Alcatel OT-928
    Alcatel OT-970
    Alcatel OT-970H
    Alcatel OT-928D
    Alcatel OT-975Y
    Alcatel OT-985
    Alcatel OT-985D
    Alcatel OT-991
    Alcatel OT-991D
    Alcatel OT-991T
    Alcatel OT-992
    Alcatel OT-992D
    Alcatel OT-997
    Alcatel OT-997D
    Alcatel OT-998
    Alcatel OT-A890
    Alcatel OT-A890D
    Alcatel OT-A890G
    Alcatel OT-A919
    Alcatel OT-A966
    Alcatel OT-A980
    Alcatel OT-A986
    Alcatel OT-AURUS
    Alcatel OT-C918
    Alcatel OT-C919
    Alcatel OT-C985
    Alcatel OT-C997
    Alcatel OT-J320
    Alcatel OT-J330
    Alcatel OT-J610
    Alcatel OT-J720
    Alcatel OT-J726
    Alcatel OT-J920
    Alcatel OT-J926
    Alcatel OT-MS3B
    Alcatel OT-M960
    Alcatel OT-MOV2
    Alcatel OT-P310
    Alcatel OT-P312
    Alcatel OT-P320
    Alcatel OT-P321
    Alcatel OT-P322
    Alcatel OT-P323
    Alcatel OT-S500
    Alcatel OT-S600
    Alcatel OT-S710
    Alcatel OT-S800
    Alcatel OT-S810
    Alcatel OT-S820
    Alcatel OT-S850
    Alcatel OT-S950
    Alcatel OT-V861
    Alcatel RPSPG3201
    Alcatel OT-W939
    Alcatel OT-W969
    Alcatel OT-Y910
    Alcatel Vodafone 861
    Alcatel Vodafone Smart 3
    Alcatel Vodafone Smart III
    Alcatel Orange San Remo
    Alcatel MegaFon Optima
    Alcatel Optimus Helsinki
    Alcatel Orange Denver
    Alcatel Orange Pasadena
    Alcatel TCL A890
    Alcatel TCL A890 2SIM
    Alcatel TCL A919
    Alcatel TCL A966
    Alcatel TCL A980
    Alcatel TCL A986
    Alcatel TCL J610
    Alcatel TCL J720
    Alcatel TCL J920
    Alcatel TCL S500
    Alcatel TCL S600
    Alcatel TCL S710
    Alcatel TCL S800
    Alcatel TCL S810
    Alcatel TCL S820
    Alcatel TCL S850
    Alcatel TCL W939
    Alcatel TCL W969
    Alcatel TCLJ330
    NYX Mobile FLY II
    ODYSSEE S330
    Alcatel OT-4031D
    Azumi A50+
    Blade HN
    Polaroid PRO 405
    Viettel V8411
    Viettel V8507
    Verykool S450
    ZTE LEO M1 V883M
    ZTE V993W
    QMobile Noir X35
    Qcell Qs-10
    TCT DL900
    Vodafone Smart Tab 3G
    Huawei Honor Holly
    Liquid Z5
    Simvalley SP2X-Slim
    S.upra M726G
    Hollogram Hl4050
    Blu Life Play Mini L180A
    Blu 5.0 D412u
    Blu Studio 6.0 Hd
    Blu Dash C Music D390u
    Go Mobile GO775
    Haier W717
    Blu Neo 3.5
    BLU Hero Jr S250
    Bmobile K375
    Cloudfone Excite 451tv
    General Mobile Discovery
    Gigabyte GSmart Maya M1
    Azumi Kl35
    CloudFone Excite 354g
    Simvalley SP2X-Slim
    mgoo Am215
    Avvio 778
    Bmobile Tv350
    Verykool R16
    Plum X210
    Telstra EasySmart/ZTE T809
    iPro A5
    Megafon Login MT7A
    Liquid Z130
    Cloudfone Excite 503d
    Plum Sync
    EGLTEL TV8000
    Eyo Nova 350c
    Explay N1
    Hummer H5
    Lanix Lx7 Tv
    Nyx Noba II
    OWN S4025
    ZTE S500
    Zonda ZM25
    Galaxy S4 Clone
    S4 (MT6572)
    Note 3 Clone (MT6572)
    lenovo a2107
    lenovo A516
    Lenovo S939
    Polaroid Tab clone
    S5 I9600 (MTK6582)
    Mpie S5 I9600 (MTK6572)
    Galaxy S5 SM-G900F (MTK6572)
    GT-S7562 MTK6575
    Cubot GT72
    Cubot P6
    Cubot P9
    AVVIO 765
    Tele2fon V4
    Tele2fon V5
    Bmobile AX535
    Qmobile A2 Noir
    Qmobile A7
    Qmobile A8
    Qmobile A9
    Qmobile A65
    Qmobile A500
    Qmobile A900
    Voice Mobile V10
    P1000 TAB MTK6582
    Vtelca V791
    Vtelca V793
    Spice Mi-496
    Spice Mi-515 Coolpad
    Spice Coolpad 2
    Spice Mi-436 Stellar Glamour
    Spice Mi-525 Pinnacle FHD
    Telenor Smart Pro
    Telenor Smart Pro 2
    Orange HIRO
    Azumi Chic N
    BMobile AX512
    Acer Z150
    Acer Liquid Z4
    MaxCom MM133
    O+ 8.31z
    O+ 8.52
    O+ 8.91
    Stone Q800
    teXet iX / TM-4772
    Tele2Fon F2
    Haier M200+
    Motorola XT303 Motosmart M
    Motorola XT305 Motosmart Me
    Motorola XT389 Motoluxe
    Motorola XT390 Motosmart
    Motorola XT914 RAZR D1
    Motorola XT915 RAZR D1
    Motorola XT916 RAZR D1
    Motorola XT918 RAZR D1
    Motorola XT919 RAZR D3
    Motorola XT920 RAZR D3
    Blu Advance 4.0
    Blu Amour
    BLU Studio 6.0 HD
    Blu D120a Dash
    Blu D130a Dash
    Blu D161A Dash 3.5
    Blu D261A Dash 4.0
    Blu Dash, Dash 3.2
    Blu Dash 4.5
    Blu Dash 5.0
    Blu Dash Music 4.0
    Blu Life 8, Life One
    Blu Life One M
    Blu Life One X
    Blu Life Play
    Blu Life Play S
    Blu Life Play X
    Blu Life Pro
    Blu Life Pure
    Blu Life Pure Mini
    Blu Life View
    Blu Life View Tab
    Blu Neo 4.5
    Blu Studio 5.0
    Blu Studio 5.0 II
    Blu Studio 5.0 S II
    Blu Studio 5.3
    Blu Studio 5.3 II
    Blu Studio 5.5
    Blu Studio 5.5 S
    Blu T172T TV
    Blu Tank 4.5
    Blu Vivo 4.3
    Blu Vivo 4.65 HD
    Blu Vivo 4.8 HD
    Blu Vivo IV BLU D970L
    Blu Vivo IV BLU D970L
    FLY Evo tech 2
    FLY IQ 4403 Energie 3
    FLY IQ230
    FLY IQ230 Compact
    FLY IQ235 Uno
    FLY IQ237 Dynamic
    FLY IQ245 Wizard
    FLY IQ245+ Wizard Plus
    FLY IQ255 Pride
    FLY IQ256 Vogue
    FLY IQ260 Blackbird
    FLY IQ270 Firebird
    FLY IQ275 Maraphon
    FLY IQ430 Evoke
    FLY IQ440 Energie
    FLY IQ4404 Spark
    FLY IQ4405 EVO Chi? 1
    FLY IQ4407 ERA Nano 7
    FLY IQ441 Radiance
    FLY IQ4410 Quad Phoenix
    FLY IQ4412
    FLY IQ4415 Era Life 3
    FLY IQ442 Miracle
    FLY IQ443
    FLY IQ443 Trend
    FLY IQ444 Diamond
    FLY IQ445
    FLY IQ446 Magic
    FLY IQ447 Era Life 1
    FLY IQ450 Horizon
    FLY IQ450 Quattro
    FLY IQ4501 EVO Energie 4
    FLY IQ451 Vista
    FLY IQ452 Quad EGO Vision 1
    FLY IQ453 Luminor FHD
    FLY IQ454 EVO Tech 1
    FLY IQ456 Era Life 2
    FLY IQ457 Universe
    acer iconia B1-720
    acerIconia B1-721
    acer iconia tabA1-810
    acer iconia tab A1-811
    acer iconia tab A3
    acer Iconia Tab B1-710
    acer Iconia Tab B1-A71
    acer Liquid E1
    acer Liquid E2
    ACER Liquid E3
    ACER Liquid E700
    ACER Liquid Gallant Duo
    ACER Liquid Gallant E350
    acer Liquid Jade
    ACER Liquid S1
    ACER Liquid X1
    ACER Liquid Z110
    ACER Liquid Z200
    ACER Liquid Z3
    ACER Liquid Z5
    ACER Z110 Liquid
    ACER Z120
    ACER Z130
    ACER Z2
    Lenovo A2107 IdeaTab
    Lenovo A269i
    Lenovo S939
    Lenovo S938T
    Lenovo S930
    Lenovo S920
    Lenovo S898T+(S8)
    Lenovo S898T+
    Lenovo S898T
    Lenovo S868T
    Lenovo S860
    Lenovo S850
    Lenovo S820
    Lenovo S820
    Lenovo S720
    Lenovo S668T
    Lenovo S660
    Lenovo S658T
    Lenovo S650
    Lenovo P780
    Lenovo P770
    Lenovo P700I
    Lenovo K30-T
    Lenovo A5800
    Lenovo A3300T
    Lenovo A3000
    Lenovo A916T
    Lenovo A889
    Lenovo A889
    Lenovo A880
    Lenovo A850+
    Lenovo A850
    Lenovo A828T
    Lenovo A820T
    Lenovo A808T-i
    Lenovo A808T
    Lenovo A806
    Lenovo A800
    Lenovo A788T
    Lenovo A766
    Lenovo A750E
    Lenovo A708T
    Lenovo A688T
    Lenovo A680
    Lenovo A678T
    Lenovo A670T
    Lenovo A658T
    Lenovo A656
    Lenovo A630T
    Lenovo A628T
    Lenovo A606
    Lenovo A590
    Lenovo A560
    Lenovo A516
    Lenovo A398T+
    Lenovo A398T
    Lenovo A390T
    Lenovo A390
    Lenovo A388T
    Lenovo A380T
    Lenovo A378T
    Lenovo A376
    Lenovo A369
    Lenovo A368T
    Lenovo A360T
    Lenovo A358T
    Lenovo A355E
    Lenovo A338T
    Lenovo A328T
    Lenovo A320T
    Lenovo A318T
    Lenovo A316
    Lenovo A308T
    Lenovo A300T
    Lenovo A269I
    Lenovo A269
    Lenovo A218T
    Lenovo A208T
    Lenovo A66
    Lenovo A316i
    Lenovo A369i
    Lenovo A390
    Lenovo A500
    Lenovo A516
    Lenovo A60
    Lenovo A628T
    Lenovo A656
    Lenovo A66
    Lenovo A660
    Lenovo A680
    Lenovo A690
    Lenovo A7-30
    Lenovo A750
    Lenovo A766
    Lenovo A789
    Lenovo A800
    Lenovo A820
    Lenovo A830
    Lenovo A850
    Lenovo A850+
    Lenovo A859
    Lenovo A880
    Lenovo A889
    Lenovo Golden Warrior S8
    Lenovo P70
    Lenovo P700
    Lenovo P700i
    Lenovo P770
    Lenovo P780
    Lenovo S650
    Lenovo S660
    Lenovo S720
    Lenovo S720i
    Lenovo S750
    Lenovo S8
    Lenovo S820
    Lenovo S850
    Lenovo S860
    Lenovo S880
    Lenovo S890
    Lenovo S898T
    Lenovo S898T+
    Lenovo S920
    Lenovo S930
    Lenovo S939
    Lenovo Vibe X
    Lenovo S5000
    Prestigio MultiPad 2 8.0 Ultra Duo 3G
    Prestigio MultiPhone 3350 DUO
    Prestigio MultiPhone 3400 DUO
    Prestigio MultiPhone 3540 DUO
    Prestigio MultiPhone 4040 DUO
    Prestigio MultiPhone 4044 DUO
    Prestigio MultiPhone 4055 DUO
    Prestigio MultiPhone 4300 DUO
    Prestigio MultiPhone 4322 DUO
    Prestigio MultiPhone 4500 DUO
    Prestigio MultiPhone 4505 DUO
    Prestigio MultiPhone 5000
    Prestigio MultiPhone 5044 Duo
    Prestigio Multiphone 5450 DUO
    PrestigioMultiPhone 5451 DUO
    Prestigio Multiphone 5500 DUO
    Prestigio MultiPhone 5501
    Prestigio MultiPhone 7500 16 Gb
    Prestigio MultiPhone 7500 32 Gb
    Prestigio MultiPhone 7600 DUO
    Prestigio MultiPhone PAP4322 DUO
    Zopo C2
    Zopo C3
    Zopo ZP100
    Zopo ZP1000
    Zopo ZP200 Shining
    Zopo ZP200+ Royal Shining
    Zopo ZP300 Field
    Zopo ZP300+ Field Plus
    Zopo ZP500 Libero
    Zopo ZP500+ Libero Plus
    Zopo ZP580
    Zopo ZP600 Libero
    Zopo ZP700 Cuppy
    Zopo ZP780
    Zopo ZP810 Libero HD
    Zopo ZP820 Raiden
    Zopo ZP900 Leader
    Zopo ZP900H Leader
    Zopo ZP900S Leader
    Zopo ZP950 Phablet
    Zopo ZP950+ Leader Max
    Zopo ZP980
    Zopo ZP980+
    Zopo ZP990
    Zopo ZP990+
    Zopo ZP998
    Micromax A089 Bolt
    Micromax A102 Canvas Doodle 3
    Micromax A106 Unite 2
    Micromax A110 Canvas 2
    Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2
    Micromax A115 Canvas 3D
    Micromax A116 Canvas HD
    Micromax A117 Canvas Magnus
    Micromax A119 Canvas XL
    Micromax A120 Canvas 2 Colors
    Micromax A200 Turbo Mini
    Micromax A240 Canvas Doodle 2
    Micromax A25
    Micromax A300 Canvas Gold
    MicromaxA350 Canvas Knight
    Micromax A45
    MicromaxA47 Bolt
    Micromax A50 Ninja
    Micromax A52
    Micromax A56
    Micromax A63 Canvas Fun
    Micromax A73
    Micromax A74 Canvas Fun
    Micromax A76
    Micromax A77 Canvas Juice
    Micromax A78
    Micromax A84
    Micromax A88
    Micromax A89 Ninja
    Micromax A90
    Micromax A90s
    Micromax A92
    Micromax A93 Canvas Elanza
    Micromax A96 Canvas Power
    Micromax Canvas 4 A210
    Micromax Canvas Knight
    Micromax Canvas Turbo Mini
    Micromax Ninja A91
    Micromax P580 Funbook Ultra
    Micromax Superfone Punk A44
    Micromax Viva A72
    Gigabyte Gsmart Aku A1
    Gigabyte GSmart Alto A2
    GigabyteGsmart GS202
    Gigabyte Gsmart Guru
    Gigabyte Gsmart Maya M1
    GigabyteGsmart Maya M1 v2
    Gigabyte Gsmart Rey R3
    Gigabyte Gsmart Roma R2
    Gigabyte Gsmart Saga S3
    Gigabyte Gsmart Sierra S1
    Gigabyte Gsmart T4
    Philips I928
    Philips W536
    Philips W626
    Philips W6618
    Philips Xenium V816
    Philips Xenium W336
    Philips Xenium W3568
    Philips Xenium W6500
    Philips Xenium W6610
    Philips Xenium W732
    Philips Xenium W832
    Philips Xenium W8510
    Highscreen Alpha GTR
    Highscreen Alpha Ice
    Highscreen Alpha R
    HighscreenAlpha Tab
    Highscreen Zera F
    HighscreenZera S
    Verykool S353
    Verykool S400
    Verykool S728
    Verykool s757
    Verykool s757
    HTC Desire 210
    HTC Desire 310
    HTC Desire 616
    Plum Axe
    Plum Axe II
    Plum Axe Plus
    Plum Capacity
    Plum Check Plus
    Plum Coach Plus
    Plum Flix
    Plum Might
    Plum Might Plus
    PlumPilot Plus
    Plum Sync
    Plum Sync Ten 3G
    Plum Trigger
    Plum Volt 3G
    Plum Z710
    G302D U8812D
    G500 Pro
    Honor 3C H30-U10
    Honor 3X Pro
    Huawei G610-U15
    Huawei G610-U20
    Huawei G610-U30
    Huawei G700-U10
    Huawei G700-U20
    Huawei G730-U10
    Huawei G730-U27
    Huawei G730-U251
    Huawei G750-U10
    Huawei H30-U10
    Huawei Holly-U19
    Huawei Honor-3C-Lite
    Huawei Y220-U00
    Huawei Y220-U01
    Huawei Y220-U05
    Huawei Y220-U10
    Huawei Y220-U17
    Huawei Y221-U03
    Huawei Y221-U12
    Huawei Y221-U22
    Huawei Y221-U33
    Huawei Y320-U01
    Huawei Y320-U10
    Huawei Y320-U30
    Huawei Y320-U151
    Huawei Y320-U351
    Huawei Y321-U051
    Huawei Y330-U01
    Huawei Y330-U05
    Huawei Y330-U07
    Huawei Y330-U11
    Huawei Y330-U15
    Huawei Y330-U17
    Huawei Y511-U00
    Huawei Y511-U30
    Huawei Y511-U251
    Huawei Y520-U12
    Huawei Y520-U22
    Huawei Y600-U00
    Huawei Y600-U20
    Huawei Y600-U40
    Huawei Y600-U151
    Huawei Y600-U351
    Huawei Honor Holly
    Huawei Honor 3X G750-U10
    Huawei U8800
    Liquid Z5
    Liquid Z4
    Blu Dash 5.0 Plus
    Caterpillar CAT B15
    CloudFone GEO 402q
    Bmobile AX700
    Boost View 5.0
    Gomobile Go770
    HTC Desire 320
    Lenovo A319OI
    MTN [email protected] S720i
    M4 SS4045
    MTC SMART Sprint
    MTC Smart Run
    Lenovo A319I
    Megafon Login 2
    Megafon MS3A
    Megafon Optima
    ZTE ZA945
    ZTE V830w
    NYX Zeus HD
    Polaroid MID0738
    Starmobile FLIRT
    Unnecto Drone Z U-700-2NA
    Verykool s354
    AVVIO 750
    AVVIO 795
    Azumi A50C
    Be UN020S
    iSWAG Rock
    Lanix S106
    Lanix S130
    Lanix S420
    Avvio 792
    Discovery II Mini
    F2 MOBILE AX F35
    ODYSSEE model s320
    OWN S3030
    OWN S3030D
    Lenovo A3500-H
    Lanix Ilium S520
    M4tel Ss4040
    MegaFon Login+
    TCT Mobile Sosh
    QMobile Noir A10
    ZTE Kiss ll max
    ZTE Kis 3 Max
    ZOPO ZP100
    ZOPO ZP200
    ZOPO ZP300
    ZOPO ZP810 (ZP800H) / Hero H7500+
    Zopo ZP950+/ZP950H Leader Max
    ZOPO ZP900 Leader/ Hero H9500+
    Magic W700 Columb
    Mi-Fone mi-A801
    Mi-Fone FAB 4.5 mi-A451
    Mi-Fone FAB 5.5 4G mi-A551
    Mi-Fone FAB 4.0 mi-A402
    Mi-Fone FAB 3.5 mi-A350
    Micromax A50
    Micromax A74
    Micromax A85
    MMX a110
    MOBIWIRE AQUILA (Tele2fon V1)
    Motorola XT389
    Motorola XT390
    My phone A919
    M4TEL SS880
    M4 Ss1060
    M4 SS1080
    Lenovo A60
    Lenovo A269i
    Lenovo A369i
    Lenovo A390
    Lenovo A516
    Lenovo S650
    Lenovo A660
    Lenovo A690
    Lenovo A750
    Lenovo A789
    Lenovo A800
    Lenovo A830
    Lenovo A850
    Lenovo S930
    Lenovo IdeaTab A2107
    Lenovo K860
    Lenovo P660
    Lenovo P700
    Lenovo S750
    Lenovo S820
    Karbonn A2
    Fly IQ235 Uno
    Fly IQ240 Whizz
    Fly IQ245 Wizard Plus
    Fly IQ256 Vogue
    Fly IQ260 Blackbird
    Fly IQ270 Firebird
    Fly IQ275 Marathon
    Fly IQ440 Energie
    Fly IQ4403 Energie 3
    Fly IQ441 Radiance
    Fly IQ442 Miracle
    Fly IQ443 (MT6577)
    Fly IQ444 Diamond
    Fly IQ447 Era Life 1
    Fly IQ450 Horizon
    Fly IQ454 EVO Tech 1
    China Amoi N820/N821
    China Bluebo 9300
    China Chang Jiang A007
    China Dapeng A8300
    China Dapeng I9977
    China Dapeng I9800
    China Freelander i10
    China Haipad X710D
    China Haipai I9377
    China HDC A9100 S2
    China HDC A9100
    China Hero H7300
    China Hero 9300+
    China Hero H2000+
    China Hero H8000
    China HTC H5000
    China iPhone 4G W998
    China iPhone 4S Android
    China GT G2
    China JiaYu G2s
    China JiaYu G3
    China Newman N1
    China One S (J1000)
    China One S Lite
    China One X (G23)
    China S820
    China Star A1200
    China Star A3
    China Star A920
    China Star B63M
    China Star B79
    China Star I9200
    China Star I9220 (N8000)
    China Star L21
    China Star LT18i
    China Star N9770
    China Star N9776
    China Star V12
    China Star W007
    China Star X15i
    China Star X19i
    China Star X26i
    China THL V7
    China THL V11
    China THL W1+
    China THL W3+
    China UMI X1
    China Zopo ZP100
    China Zopo ZP200
    China Zopo ZP300 Field
    China Zopo ZP300 Field Plus
    China Zopo ZP500 Libero
    China Zopo ZP500 Libero Plus
    China Zopo ZP900 Leader
    China Zopo ZP900S Leader
    Afone: H880
    Agtel: 005
    Aino: F69, F89
    Aio: N97
    AirFone: AF111
    Airphone: No4, No1
    Alfatel: C200, C500, H9, c500, H1, H2, H1A, H5A, H5, H300, H3, H4
    Allview: S1, S2
    Anoking: M9
    Airtel: L900
    Ajanta: A52, A3000, A4200, A5000
    Anycool: E553, D66+, D66, F818, T808, T818, D66++, E307, E553, E556, E802, E880C, E880L, E880, E883, E888
    Anycal:l L708, i908+, F488E, i660, D900, S628, Cect-168
    Anycoll: L588, A508, QS850, i908e
    Anylink: N99i, 6500
    Anyoall: sgh-908i
    Aobang: A880
    Aote: M660
    Appo: A300
    Atan: M760
    Awang: A828
    Aroma: D333
    Asus V75
    Aura: s902, S908
    Auro: 6321
    Austar: F455+
    AT-Telecom: Hi-Messenger
    Avio: A101, A102, A201, A203, A204, A205, A301, A403, A6103
    Awang: A828
    A-zed: z62
    Baizhao: TV488, S8978, S8958
    Cherry: YC8
    CherryMobile: Q4Duo
    Cherry-Mobile: D20, D15, Q61
    ChinaStar: C507
    Coral: 255, 280, 450, 550, 620, 640, 655, 680
    Coby: MP777
    Cool: ATL-V8
    Corby: L6, W6233
    Cosun: 289, 638, 8988, 9958
    Crew: 202
    CKing: K339
    Club: C900
    cNokia: TVE71, E71TV
    C-Right: L2000, C10
    Cross: CB97, CB90, GG71, GG55, V4, G10, CB65, GG53B, GG53
    Crtel: C200
    CSL: i200, DS110, C9900
    cvfd: m31
    CXTel: D90
    Cyfon: C800i
    Cynix: D28
    Dapeng: T928, T3000, T2000, T5000
    Daxian: X3000, X728, X960, X960, X999, C8100, 529, N55, KT1, X9188, 669, K888, T108, JT398, P168, 619, E689, 780, J168, 8100, J6, N800, C800, X3000
    DBest: Royal-VT888
    Deco: F1
    Delta: X200
    Desay: M535, L608, K618
    Dezzo: D800
    Diamond: B711, A1000
    Digga: D25
    Diga-Mobile: D122, G123, G126
    Digiphone: 9800TV
    Dirland: M881, R100
    Disney: 520+
    DMND: W720i
    D-One: DG817, DG518, G628, DG568
    Donod: D5130, N95i, D505, d805, D805, D806, D5130
    Doov: YH923
    Doro: 338GSM, HandleEasy-328gsm, HandleEasy-345gsm, HandleEasy-409s, HandleEasy-410s
    Dopod: S560, M500TV, E61+, A6188
    Dopodo: E61+
    Dorado: T33i, D380, D890, A006, C5000, TV15
    Dotcom: MB-2300TV
    DRV_Mobiles: R52
    Dubao: 738, 758, 768, 777
    DV-Phone: V93i
    Eagle: E52
    Egitel: V6
    Egltel: V7
    Elenberg: MT520
    Eiroga: E666
    Ektel: C1-TV
    Elgin: EL-MP730
    Elitek: FN8618
    Elitex: 8888
    Enimac: MQ8200
    Enmac: MQ3300, MQ8200, MQ8200
    Epoda: EP2502
    Etisalat: 211FM
    E-Top: S30
    ETouch: 232Pro, 303Pro, 515Pro, 616Pro, 636Pro, CG1, D6, D11, D12, D18, D21, D23, D30, D33, D35, D38, D60, D108, D120, D160, D200, D220, D300, DS100, F50, J100, J165, J168, MD82, X88i, XL10, XL25, XL53
    Evertek: E300, X90
    Everfo: 2461, 2456, 3008, 2601, 2602, E2211+, E7110, E711D TV, E713D, E730
    Evolve: GX607
    Eyo: E71, E71s
    Fashion: F023, F025, T508, A5688, T588
    Ferrari: 267v, F100, F108, Ascent , RHV3, F1, F9
    FixedPhone: FC8050
    FixMobile: A969
    Flying: F900, F916, F936, F007, F996, F800, F69, F035
    Flynet: F001
    Fly-Ying: F636, F200, F99, F036, F007, F698, F003, F006, F008, E71i, E71, E71i, F021, F026, F030, F080
    FMobile: B290
    Fome: N7
    Forby: G899
    Forme: F8, N78, F9, 6303, N26, U969, D5, L300, F8, F8+, D386, N82, E71, F808, M6, M800
    Fory: F288
    Foston: FS-889, FS-862, FS-829, FS-868B, FS-868B, FS-836B, FS-968B, 968B, FS-968A, FS-968
    Frost: F27, M23, 701
    Fujistar: FJ-71
    Funker: F803DS
    Funny: Mobile V20, A8
    G+G: i908
    Galaxy: T81
    Gaoxinqi: N82, GXQ-F896, GXQ-H69, TL528
    Genx: T-Z8
    Getek: TK806
    GFive: E71, X9, N79i, T33+, N79, T580, U808, U800, D902, 7610, T33+, M73, L700, 6620
    G-Five: X9, U505, 800, G365, U909, M5130, F7, GF73, GF18, GF73, U969, F3, 3120, F2, 3510, F8, 736, i300, i310, U800, U808, N79i, G3000, e82i, M99, T580, Q33, M33, M77, T33+, T33, L300, H91, N79, M6, M99, T580, D902, 7630, T580, D90, D11, D60, D90, D99, M7, D70, H600, 7610, S9, E71y, G370, G3000, M73, L700, M33, T320i, C2160, U505, C6233, U899, U828, U717, U879, N90, M1, D68, U303, U939, U855, 6620, GF73
    G-Fone: 301, 311, 411, 422
    Gibox: MK396, MK397
    Gild: N9, S93, H1, S648, FXD3600, X5, S76, 6700
    Gionee: E99, I9, L7, MediaMobile, V890, A10-TV
    Gjiang: W007
    Glid: 6700
    Globul: TA2322n
    GMobile: T68
    G-Mobile: N82
    Gnet: G8600
    G-Tide: W510
    GT-Mobile: V490
    G-Von: 620, 900
    GeneralMobile: DST01, DST11, DST12, DST13, G333
    Globul: TA2322n
    GMobile: T68
    Goldmobil: J88
    G-phone: 5700
    GPS-Mobile: K3288
    GLX: 2690
    Gradiente: GF500, GF950
    GreenPower: H48
    G-Right: G2, U808, L300, X400, L400, L600, L200, U999, 6800, E52, C200, 6700, 6700i, V400
    G-Shine: L800
    GSmax: GS868
    G-Star: Q82, Q89, Q83, 899, 388
    Guc?i: G600, G888, G629, G668, G600
    G-Zone: C5
    Hang-Jiang: N97, A968
    Hantel: Y500, HT6600, M678, H5, M2210, T6800, bl699, m2210, A800, D801, ht6088, TV-488
    Heady: H787
    Hic" S900
    Hidden-Dragon: N68
    Hightech: HT100
    Hightel: H869, M88
    Higtel: H869
    HiPhone: V188, T900, TV003
    Hisong: M920
    Hitech: M21, H38, H39, H382, H55, H61, H61
    Hitune: A4
    Hitz: 2211
    Holyday: D600
    HTC" S900, A288, G1-TV90, Hero-G3, 6262
    Hagenuk: 505, M628
    Haier: G111, HG-A8, HG-V70, M300, M306, M307, M500, S210, Z701S, Z702
    HKM: N6370
    HT-Mobile: A30, G10, G11, G20, G30
    Hyundai: HTV1000, MB-115, MB-121, MB-D125, MP880, W100
    HTTEL: A800
    Hualu: YX9, 6206, YX9225, S600
    Huante: TV-E71, S18, T600
    Huaxiang: N800
    Huayu: G688, M678, L888, CM336, K878, K888, M818, A3
    HX-Mobile: H1120
    Ianus: 999
    Icell: i5130
    I-CELL: T33+
    icool: A520
    Idealphone: i869
    Ifoe: P168+, P168C, P168
    IMax: C82
    Imo: 168, T738, i178, L818
    iMODO: Y58
    Imobile: 222, 318, 320, 360, 510, 511, 516, 520, 523, 530, 610, 630, 2211, CE0889, IE3210
    Innovo: i8510
    Iosound: i960, is102
    Io-Sound: i81, 301, i90
    ITel: IT600, IT700
    Intex: IN1212, IN1224, IN2010, IN2020E, IN2020QT, IN2022, IN2030, IN2030D, IN2030DX, IN2040E, IN2040N, IN2044, IN2080, IN2080E, IN2222, IN2233, IN2244, IN2266, IN3030, IN3055, IN3060, IN3070, IN3080, IN3333, IN4040, IN4060, IN4415, IN4420, IN4420S, IN4455, IN4460, IN4466, IN4477, IN4488, IN4495, IN5030, IN5040, IN5050, IN5544, IN5555, IN6611, IN6633, iSmart
    J-Max: J95
    JBJ: N99
    Jeep: W900
    JFone: j87
    Jgtel: 003i
    JiaXing: N95
    Jincen: 666, JC6700, 528, JC9700, JC35
    Jing-Ling: E81TV
    Jinke: E100
    Jin-Ke: E100
    JinPeng: W169, K330, JP1688, S868, a799, M868, E55, F8, S1318, 768, 5199, 5108, 5199, W880, A1280, C3000, 007FM, V70, V70FM, M8, A5616, 8283, K730, K989, A2198, L808, i908, A928, E6180, 488, S2128, H788, A666, S1888, 5588, S109, A5688, A5120, M99 , A5658, E88
    Jinteyu: V678
    J-Kai: TV96K
    J-Max J95, Obama, ****
    Jugate: ZJS638, ZJR655, ZJ880
    Just5: CP10
    Jalor: A8
    Karbonn: K10, K25, K118, K217, K300, K331, K334, K343, K350, K406, K443, K444, K444i, K445, K446, K450, K451, K460, K478, K496, K541, K550, K560, K570, K661, KC411
    Karamfone: S4, X5
    Kenuo: D9, KN-76D, N750
    Kenxindad: 300
    Kiech: N8899
    Kifung: S108
    Kimcell: N88
    KingK: 800
    King-One: K608
    Kingpo: E320
    Kingdom: K2
    Kingsun: V902
    Kinloong: K288+
    Kisen: P83
    Kotka: E90
    Konka: A76, A76FM, C623, D225, D620, D770, E303, G208
    KPN: One
    KTech: 8388
    K-Touch: A933, B830, V918, D700, A615, A5118, b920, D170, A635, V908, B922, S515, D780, A905, V760, H999, H777
    KuXing: K1000
    Kyocera: C2500, E2500, E3500, S1600
    Kyoto: T737E
    KZG: N200
    Laise: N99
    Lanboxiny: F8
    Lanye: N70
    Lawow: A200, S10, S20, S50
    Lcphone: LC888
    Leiniao: N800
    Baoxing: K900, N1000, K700
    Barbie: P520
    Basicom: V9
    BBC: i508
    BBK: i2288, K202, K300, S201, S202
    Beetel: EC003, ev530
    Bestel: D6000, D5000+, D600, E71TV, D7000+
    Bestking: A2688
    Bestone: KA08+
    Betels: 6000+
    BenQ: A53, C30, C36
    Bess: SP500, VZ210, VZ219
    Beyond: B38, B333, B505, B818, BY125, C3, B530, B83
    Bilwani: B3, B9, B2
    BlackCherry: BL8000, BL1000, BL7000B, bl2000
    Blacklable: VVV363
    Bleu: 255x, 354x, 355x, 453x, 454x, 456x, 466x, 471x, 476x, 551x, 555x, 670x
    Bliss: D108, D208, V98
    Blu: Q200, Q200e
    BMobile: C628, K298, TV9, X131
    BMW: 760i, X6
    Bost-Mobile: D615
    Bonmi: 222, f430+
    Boostwer: E66
    Bossh: D112, D96M, B70
    Bugatti: 164, HOOD
    Buss: G618
    Byond: BY-999, By-400, BY 888
    Bytone: T3
    Capitel: P600
    Carbon: Art
    Cartier: V8
    Cavio: ZT-618, ZTF1
    CayenneS: Z9
    CCK: E7
    Cesim: V30, V130
    Cect: S90, P168, T601, N6298, T808, t590, 003, 605, A008, E900, A1818, S800, 1088, N6298, K369, V909, C828, S901, A100, i658, V777, C5188, C3600s, M8, V668B, LV918, V70, A519, K2, V329, U90, M619, V98, V90, Y200, Q380, A6668, Q8, Q86, T1, 5800D, C8600, C3000, k770, F1200, T520, Q618, A706, S588, K808+, P3711i, 888, T118, C92+, U8810, 599, 6300L, 808, C2000D, C600, C800, F22, K808, K828, K838, M8600, N81+, N82, P8400, Q500BT, Q500, Q558, Q618, Q638, T689, T918, T999, V180, V200, V400, V6688, V909, V98, V768, Y809, S613, U880, N73, P3711, N788, IP200, 199, 808, T520, V909
    CellOne: CX900
    Century: Piooner-B889+
    Cert: V400
    Cesim: V130, V30, V310, CG400, A510, V590, N88, V30, V470, V88, V800, V950, N97, V800i, V709, A9530, A35
    Changhong: M838, L138, K218, A330
    Changjiang: A968, N8+
    Changxing: A868
    Lanix: LX11, X10
    Lava: A9, A10, ARC02, KKT22, KKT24, KKT25, KKT30, KKT34, M23
    Leady: MM10, MM95, X105, X501
    Lemon: E590, IQ303, 212, 216
    Lenovo: 688, A330, A350, A539, E520, i60, i510, i706, P50, P612, P618, P650, S62, S533, Shark32
    Lephone: A12
    Life: DST01
    Lian-Sheng: L995
    Lipiec: T800
    Longtel: E3, S800, S88
    LongXing: M3
    Lontin: 8820 E69
    Louis-Yuitton: T658
    LUNA: 8600, 8600D
    LX-Mobile: TV
    Magicon: MG3250, MG901
    Magicon-Harmony: MG901
    Malata: MT118, MT256, T256, MZ280
    Mark: 5010, 6010
    Matrix: M1, M3, M20, M2, N82m
    Maxicell: 6730
    Maxx: GC1000, MQ340, MQ430, MX118, MX122, MX124, MX235, MX292, MX304, MX316, MX322, MX333, MX335, MX404, MX425, MX435, MX463, MX470, MX480, MX488, MX533, MX534, MX713, MX745
    Maximus: EX75, T44
    Maxtcl: K94
    Maxtel: K48
    Maxtron: MG182, MG175, MG278
    Megatec: Luxe
    Motorcla: T628, V80
    MoviePhone: FA6
    Mox: MO800, MO875
    Mox: MO698
    MPEG4: NP68, T698
    MPmobile: M02
    MTV: N73, 800
    Much: DS-850
    Muzak: N88
    MVL: G81
    Modelabs: Elite, MyWay-Slim, V-Touch
    Mojo: Chat
    MyPhone: 1070, 3350, 3370, 6650, 6651, 6670, 6691, B21, B21c, B22, B23, B50, B50c, B71, Q19, Q21, Q22, Q88, QT7, S21, T12, T13, T22, T23, T52
    Narnia: 8088, V6, i70
    Nasaki: NK630, G5, B9
    Nckia: C5, XpressMusic, M9, N99i, E71, 5610, 6300c, 5700, 5700+, N10+
    Neccom: n880+
    Neoi: 809
    Newrone: i8
    Newtone: Q6, NTi8
    Nexcel: E71
    Nexcom: NC328
    Megatek: M100
    Meidea: Y500, E65, E66, Y1000, Y100, Y400, Y300
    Melbon: M2, MB-606m
    Megafon: CP10, TDM15
    Metfone: Closer
    Message-phone: QS150
    Mercury: ST3, Maestro
    Metfone: Closer
    Metom: M39, MT309, N81, N11, N82, M20, M29, M20IV, T300, M20TV, M28
    Mex: N95, MX14BS, N95
    MFU: M6, 6700
    Mi: 200
    Micro: M11
    Micxon: MTV800
    Micromax: GC255, M2, Q1, Q1+, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q50, Q55, Q75, Q80, X1i, X1i+, X1u, X2i, X2i+, X50, X112, X113, X114, X115, X116, X117, X118, X122, X200, X211, X212, X215, X220, X225, X226, X228, X230, X235, X250, X260, X262, X263, X265, X266, X280, X285, X310, X330, X332, X360, X361, X370, X395, X414, X450, X485, X505, X510, X555, X560, X600
    Mideia: Y100
    Midi: MD462
    Mikki: C90
    MingXing: A008
    Mini: 8000C, iphone, Vertu, i9, TTK-98, N98+, 6600, N95 8gb
    Mito: 302, 1868, 288GG
    Mixcon: S908
    Mobiado: 105
    Mobistel: EL350
    Moille: ZTC-ZT588
    Momentum: M35
    Moses: V670
    NJStar: L1100
    Nkiac: F168
    Nktel: A300, A700, C5000, C7000, U800, K300, 300, K400, K770, C5000, A200, E71, K100, C2008, 2800, 5310, A8800+, A8800, K200, C6000, C7000, A600, A100, C9000, C8000, A500, A200, S350, C8600, C2000, 5310, K99
    Nokig: N97
    Nokla: E90, N77, N95, N97, 9000+, N97, N95, N96, D328, 6500s, N958, N72, C7i
    Nony: S212, E71, S208, S311, S208, E71+, S332, S212, S332
    Nova: N800
    Novo: ST200
    Nexian: NX-G381i, NX-G503, NX-G505, NX-G522, NX-G700, NX-G788, NX-G801, NX-G868, NX-G900, NX-G901, NX-G911, NX-G922, NX-G923, NX-T780, NX-T900, NX-T911
    NGM: Alittle, BlackAngel, Enjoy, Pixy, Vanity, Vanity-Touch
    O2: J1
    Oaintel: V88
    Obee: K399, 680, 007
    Odin: P1000, 295
    Okia: E79, Y73
    Omes: W598, M500
    Olive: VG200, VG300, VG400, VG500, VG800, VG3000, VG3100, VG3200, VG3201, VGc800
    Omnipotence: Micky
    Onda: N213, N130T
    Oppo: 630i
    Opsson: A10
    Orion: 903, 900DS, 810, 910DS
    Overtech: OT-09
    Onida: C628, F830, G610, V110, V115, W1110, W1410
    Orinoquia: G5580
    Pantech: C180, C320, P1010
    Philips: 199, 292, 298, 390, E100, E210, F322, F511, K700, M200, X100, X116, X216, X223, X312, X325, X501, X503, X518, X519, X703, X710, X806, X860
    Playboyphone: PB01
    Powertel: M6000
    Pagaria: P9045, P72, P108, P2757
    Panasonio: V2000
    panda: Goldmobi-J33, Goldmobil J88
    Pawan: 2975
    Pegasus: E3, S65
    Pesung: N998+
    Phoenix: P2000
    Piaget: CE666
    Players: P718
    Pomp: F98, F89
    Porsche: Cayenne, Carrera, X3
    PowerPack: TCG-8801, TCTV-278, TCGS-218, TCTV-438, TCGS-8818, TCTV-158, TCG-8888, TCTV-178, TC-2GSM_E553, TCGS-8806, TCTV-228
    Privileg: X7, ZM90, X2-Joy, TV2-Focus, X6, TV3-WIFI
    Pulid: D1689
    QMobile: E125, E150, E195, E200, E400, E500, E900, F22, F23, F55, F220, F252,
    F680, M2, M22, ME114, Q3i, Q4, Q8, Q11, Q18, Q20, Q21, Q24, Q25, Q25i, Q26, Q26i, Q27,
    Q28, Q28i, Q29, Q33, Q37, Q38, Q55, Q61, Q63, Q66, Q73, Q88, Q99, Q126, Q180, Q212, Q213, Q218, Q266, Q510, Q5310, T550, T630
    QiaoSheng: QS840
    Qruz: V1425
    Rocker: Dream, Crazy, RX15, R111, Scorby
    Rokea: 007
    Rolex: MU100, K8, K9, HK010
    Royal: S3588, VT888, VX
    Sands: A203, A303i, P908
    Simbao: A898CKT26
    Smart: V555
    Sang-Teng: Q7+
    Sanno: 268, N96i, A88, 6618
    Sansui: V929
    Satabi: 2702, 2sim
    ScellPhone: i68+, i68, i9+++, i68++, e688, tv1000, s18, L88, Q11, i69, i99++
    Scool: tz209hifi
    SED: DJ120, v628, N6128
    Semobi: T1
    SerteC: X3
    Seven: DS2
    ShengBao: 98, 98++
    Shen-Mate: V7+
    Sigmatel: FXS S83, T66, S9000, S96, W999, t33+, T2, T300,
    S400, S4, S77, S81, S90i, S90, S91, 9300, T33i, T99i, S66, N9, S9, S22, S80i, S3, S30,
    H1, TV60, 7700, T99, S3plus, S80, T85, S86, 5130, 3600i, Hxd3600, 6700, S3, S90, S96,
    T55, V88, S18, S18i, S47, S3, 7700, Ginwave25, S80i, S88 s90 s98
    SilverCrest: SH100
    Silwanis: 6303, X300, B777
    Simbao: a898
    Simtel: mstar
    Simtelep: G-Star.M-Star
    Singsong: s658
    Sino: V66
    SkyBee: 83RY
    Skyline: i6pro
    SkyPhone: 318
    Skyway: GC800
    Skyworth: ak606, Skyworth25
    Slym: TV
    Smadl: duo100
    Soho: G700a
    Sonaki: S888
    SongLive: C2000
    Sony-Edison: K810
    Soon-Ersson: K530i
    Sotel: C500, C5000, N82y, N95Y
    Sprint: 7700, D77
    Startech: ST67, ST88
    Star-TV: C8000, GPS-X10
    Strike: T915PC
    Suaahoo: S709
    Suiya: SY88
    Sumsang: i728, 840, F488E
    Sunberry: S55
    Sunlup: DM8801
    Sunpa: s200
    Sunrise: t868
    Suntek: a200
    Suny-ericssom: W558
    SVA: F08
    Svmsunc: i908
    Swaahoo: S95, S93
    Symphony: C100, CKT23C, CRAB-S3, D40, D45, EX85, D65
    Sambao: K709
    Samkung: TV16
    Samsking: V11
    Samsong: E318
    Samsonic: U800+
    SecreC: X3
    Sed: S800, D968, V889
    Sendtel: E510i, EV530
    SeniorPhone: 1055
    Simoco: SM234, SM399, SM498, SM499, SM611, SM633, SM988, SM999, SM1000, SM1100, SM1200
    Sitronics: SMD104, SMD105
    Skyzen: EZ400, EZ700, EZ800, EZ1000, S8
    Spice: D80, D88, D88N, D90, M940, M3636, M4242, M4250, M4580,
    M4580n, M5050, M5055, M5151, M5161, M5252, M5454, M6000, M6060, M6262,
    M6363, QT44, QT50, QT52, QT55, QT58, S7, S300, S570, S580, S590, S650, S700,
    S705, S707, S707N, S710, S808, S820, S5110, S5330, S7000
    Spyker: C8-Laviolette
    Startech: ST-88
    Symphony: S90
    TCL: T106
    Tecno: D100, T330, T600, T800, V410, V500, V801
    Tecall: T200, T300
    Techno: T220, X780i, T670, T220
    Tecnoshow: TC8898
    Telego: V808
    TengYu: N86, N98+
    Tethin: S350
    Tian-Wai: T3
    Tianxin: H003, H003+
    Tiger: 7736, 7710
    Tinno: E01c, HD100, T670, TV900
    Tintele: TT-V300, TT-V33, TT-V2, TT-N1_Black, TT-N1_Gold, s2
    Toptop: T22
    Titan: V71
    Tocs: C001, M52
    Tonga: M108
    Tomsim: C90E
    Tonga: M108
    Tosello: Spatola
    Toshibo: V9+, Q300, V9++, V118
    TouchPhone: i9
    Trend: T200, T786, T786
    Trident: MB-E55, MB-1100, W-T8
    TwinSim: T60, T99
    TTK: N82, N81
    Tvmobile: C702, Q1, T2010, E71pro, X10
    TV-Mobile: U26, STD25, C902, Ak09, A2688, E71, 8800, E71, N99i, S2, E71, K900+, V6, A968, 2sim, G10, WiFi-C5000
    Twee: St88, A579
    Ufo: 833, Digital Mobile, 995
    Ultra-Slim: M9
    Upptel: V700
    UP-Tec: TV-Mobile
    Usha-Lexus: 838B, 877B
    UTStarcom: CL1135, CLX100PR, CFM114CP, CLP138, GLPF1114MX,
    GLPL148SV, GPF198, GPF1134CA, GPFE128en, GPFE1238, GPT380EN, GPT2085, GTX212, TE1201sv, TTX28MX
    Vaic: A618, A1900, E588, Strike TV-Mobile
    Vaio: A328, A968, T6
    Vave: S70
    Vcall: V850, v329
    Vemo: K630i
    Venus: V300, V800, V900, C9000, S90
    Veon: A380, A-68, S303, T10
    Vertice: V68, C5+
    Verto: 899
    Veva: S90
    V-fone: 328
    Verycool: i115, i119, i300, i305, i315, i405, i410, i500, i600, i720
    Victor: VM09, VM13, VM-15, VM-16, VM-93, VM-92
    Videocon: V1301, V1604, V1305, V1310, V1403, V1420
    Vigoo: Xpress-Music-K918
    Vigy: Mini
    Vimaxx: V88
    VirtuV: V989
    Vitell: V222, V717, V708, V720, V222
    Voice: V-20
    Voice-Mobile: V31, V51, V45
    VS&ME: V300
    VkMobile: VK180
    Wailung: N82+
    Watchphone: m810, Q2, Z5000
    Wellcom: W350, W930, W819, W9339
    Wemo: T1, T900
    Wentto: DG699
    Widetel: WT-T600
    W-tide: F300
    Wynncom: Y20
    Xcite: 415
    XDF: N58
    XDS: W890
    Xen: XN501
    Ximax: A638
    XinBao: 2632
    Xingtong: 5700
    Xingya: L-08
    Xintai: T900, T800+, T800I
    Xksstel: X1, X200, X400, S4-FM, S4, X11, X12
    XTelecom: X918, X3128, X9128, X9199, x9138
    Xttel: C3000+, C7000+
    Yangfan: HK008
    Yaxing: V800
    Yicheer: A5899
    Yingtai: TV2000
    Yin-Ma: K100
    Yxtel: E71I, E71i, E88, X88, 5800
    Zetel: n96y, N82y, N95Y+
    Zingtong: 5700
    Zodia: Z55m
    Zogo: V809
    Zoho: G700, S5800, S98plus, S859+, V88+, W52, W9, V709, W901
    Zoom: Z100i
    Zt: G688, C92+
    Zonda: 1075, 1085, 1090, 1095, 1095R, 1098, 1099, TF350, TF425, ZMCK865,
    ZMCK870, ZMEM1120, ZMKN110, ZMTFTTV20, ZMTN600, ZMTN610, ZMTN615,
    ZMTN815, ZMTN905, ZMUR300
    Ztc: t58, T118, ZT160, 6688, ZT6199, N82, ZT710, F688, ZT8188,
    ZT999, T699, N680, A66, ZT2008, N38, ZT868, 777, ZT188, ZT8089, Q530,
    ZT5188, 528, ZT2988, ZT2989
    ZTE V875 (Smart mini)
    ZTETelstra Uno
    ZTE Telstra Smart-Touch 2
    ZTE Grand X Pro
    ZTE v795
    ZTE Kis Q
    ZTE V72 Light Tab
    Lenovo S960
    Lenovo A680
    MEIZU M1
    MEIZU MX2​


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