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Miracle Eagle Eye Box 2.35A Cool Update with Coolsand & SPD (20 july 2016)

Discussion in 'Miracle Box' started by Abi Wyeamn, Jul 20, 2016.

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    Jan 27, 2016
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    Huawei Mate 8
    Miracle Eagle Eye Box
    v2.35-A Released on 20 July 2016
    Cool Update with Coolsand & SPD

    1.RDA Add 881x Android Flash Support (Only Factory File).
    # Easy Flash Support Factory Flash.

    2.RDA Add 881x Android Format Support (Nand).
    # Supported RDA Format Nand CPU

    3.RDA Add 881x Android IMEI Support (Nand).
    # Supported IMEI Repair Nand CPU

    4.MTK Improve Read / Write Preloader.
    # Improved Preloader Read Data & Write Data

    5.MTK Add Repair ADB IMEI (Android MTK Android 5.1) Root Need.
    # Added Android MTK IMEI Repair Root Need Must

    6.SPD SC9830 Add New Boot Support (New Mobile).
    # Added Different Mobile Boot Support SC9830 Variant

    7.LG Add LG G4 Variant /Flex/Stylo FRP Remove.
    # LG G4 & other Variant FRP Remove (G4 Tested)

    8.Samsung Add Repair DRK (ADB) Need Root.
    # Samsung Android DRK Repair Added Root Need Must

    Lets Download Miracle Eagle Eye Box 2.35-A Update Link

    Br. [SV] Miracle Team