NASA reveals the clearest photo of Pluto ever, courtesy the New Horizons


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Unless you have been living under a rock all this time, you may have heard about New Horizons, the probe launched by NASA back in January 2006 to study Pluto by performing a flyby. The little probe is very close now to the dwarf planet, closest that it will ever be getting during its flyby.

But while we wait for more information and the footage captured live during the flyby (from a distance of just 16000km from the surface of Pluto), NASA has released a high resolution image of Pluto, giving us for the first time ever a clear view of the surface of the planet. The image is being called Lovenote, due to the heart shaped formation on the surface of the planet in the image.

More images and footage will be sent in the coming hours, but for now stare at the best look humans have had in their existence at the farthest member of our solar system.