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NCK Box Shell v1.0 Released [19-03-2015]

Discussion in 'NCK Team Products' started by JAFRI, Mar 21, 2015.

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    NCK Box Shell v1.0
    Making Things Easy for Our Valuable Users

    Added:Update Scenario Option
    If you wish to update files related to any particular module only, then select that Module Name in Update Scenario List. If you wish to update all as usual, select ---ALL--- which is selected by default.

    View attachment 3d774b58c20c2be2fd3eb035f9110ceb.jpg

    (1) If you are using Auto Updater feature, please keep note that you can update your Installation to latest update when you see Update News page in Shell is updated. Sometime it may take a little time to upload updated files to our Auto Updater Server.

    (2) Always update Shell Database with Update Database Option in Auto Updater Page. It will help you to find if a Model is supported or not and if yes, then in which module. Searching in Shell before post will save time for both of us.

    (3) Users may have noticed that we have jumped from v0.2 to v1.0 directly. It was done to keep sync between Box and Dongle version of Shell. From now, users of both of our products can enjoy Shell with same set of features at almost the same time.
    Download NCK Box Shell v1.0 Setup from Support Area by NCK Box Main Module > Settings > Go Support


    Use Shell > Installer Page to download.

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